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  • Beautiful-Series-Boxset-books-1-4-Lilliana-Anderson

    Beautiful Series Boxset books 1-4 by Lilliana Anderson

  • All-Mine-Lust-and-Lyrics-Book-2-Hanleigh-Bradley

    All Mine (Lust & Lyrics Book 2) by Hanleigh Bradley

  • Priestess-The-Endless-War-Tiffany-Easterling

    Priestess: The Endless War. by Tiffany Easterling

  • Forget-the-Stars-Kelsey-Kingsley

    Forget the Stars by Kelsey Kingsley

  • Guilty-Little-Secret-Frances-Land

    Guilty Little Secret by Frances Land

  • Vampire-Rock-Star-Complete-Series-Harper-Maguire

    Vampire Rock Star: Complete Series by Harper Maguire

  • Rocked-in-Love-Vol-One-The-Complete-Jack-and-Emily-Trilogy-Jessica-Marlowe

    Rocked in Love Vol. One: The Complete Jack & Emily Trilogy by Jessica Marlowe

  • Play-Dirty-Brooklyn-Dawn-Book-1-Cari-Quinn-and-Taryn-Elliott

    Play Dirty (Brooklyn Dawn Book 1) by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott

  • Three-Chords-and-The-Truth-Lpd-Records-2-Elle-Bennett

    Three Chords & The Truth: Lpd Records #2 By Elle Bennett

  • Mason-Wilder-Radical-Rock-Stars-Next-Generation-Duet-Book-2-Jenna-Galicki

    Mason Wilder: Radical Rock Stars Next Generation Duet Book 2 By Jenna Galicki

  • Lock-4-Melody-s-Song-Amber-L-Hart

    Lock 4: Melody's Song By Amber L Hart

  • Spring-Tides-A-Tough-Love-Rock-Star-Romance-Veronica-Kingsley

    Spring Tides: A Tough Love Rock Star Romance By Veronica Kingsley

  • Falling-For-The-Bad-Boy-Glenna-Maynard

    Falling For The Bad Boy By Glenna Maynard

  • Broken-Rose-Of-Texas-An-Austin-After-Dark-Book-Book-2-Alexa-Padgett

    Broken Rose Of Texas (An Austin After Dark Book Book 2) By Alexa Padgett

  • Heaven-Sent-Love-And-Lush-Book-2-Cherie-Summers

    Heaven Sent (Love And Lush Book 2) By Cherie Summers

  • Three-Part-Harmony-Plot-Twist-Book-2-Holley-Trent

    Three Part Harmony (Plot Twist Book 2) By Holley Trent

  • Rock--Beautiful-Book-4--by-Lilliana-Anderson

    Rock (Beautiful Book 4) by Lilliana Anderson

  • Hot-Mess--A-Players-Rockstar-Romance--Players-Book-1--by-Jaine-Diamond

    Hot Mess: A Players Rockstar Romance (Players Book 1) by Jaine Diamond

  • Noelle-s-Rock-Books-1-6-by-Theresa-Hodge

    Noelle's Rock Books 1-6 by Theresa Hodge

  • The-Ink-Box-Set-by-Holly-Hood

    The Ink Box Set by Holly Hood

  • Dare--A-Rock-Star-Hero-By-S-L--Scott

    DARE: A Rock Star Hero by S.L. Scott

  • When-You-Were-Mine-by-Lisa-Swift

    When You Were Mine by Lisa Swift

  • Darkest-Days-Box-Set-by-Athena-Wright

    Darkest Days: The Complete Rock Star Romance Series Box Set by Athena Wright

  • A-Perilous-Obsession-Diane-Gilmore

    A Perilous Obsession by Diane Gilmore

  • Wildest-Dream-Redfall-Dream-Book-4-B.B.-Miller

    Wildest Dream (Redfall Dream Book 4) by B.B. Miller

  • The-Woodcox-Rockstar-Brothers-Simone-Rivers

    The Woodcox Rockstar Brothers: The Complete Series by Simone Rivers

  • Baby-Be-Mine-Paige-Toon

    Baby Be Mine by Paige Toon

  • Johnny-Be-Good-Paige-Toon

    Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon

  • Savage-A-Rockstar-Romance-The-Rock-Legend-Series-Book-1-LV-Lewis

    Savage: A Rockstar Romance (The Rock Legend Series Book 1) by L.V. Lewis

  •  Rocking-Thin-Ice-by-Z-Allora

    Rocking Thin Ice by Z. Allora

  •  Rock-or-Love-by-Don-Both

    Rock or Love by Don Both

  •  Severance-by-N-N-Britt

    Severance by N. N. Britt

  •  Lucas-Blade-Radical-Rock-Stars-Next-Generation-Duet-Book-1-by-Jenna-Galicki

    Lucas Blade: Radical Rock Stars: Next Generation Duet Book 1 by Jenna Galicki

  •  Playing-in-Tune-Book-Three-of-the-Back-on-Track-Series-by-J-C-Layne

    Playing in Tune: Book Three of the Back on Track Series by J.C. Layne

  •  A-Rhythm-You-Feel-The-Rock-Gods-East-Coast-Label-Book-1-by-Ann-Lister

    A Rhythm You Feel (The Rock Gods: East Coast Label Book 1) by Ann Lister

  •  Lunch-Box-Bandit:-A-Love-Story-by-Arabella-Love

    Lunch Box Bandit: A Love Story by Arabella Love

  •  When-I-Remember-You-A-Rockstar-Amnesia-Romance-by-Aarti-V-Raman

    When I Remember You: A Rockstar Amnesia Romance by Aarti V Raman

  • Unexpected-Turns-Declan-and-Kade-Black-Heart-Remix-Fay-Michaels

    Unexpected Turns: Declan and Kade (Black Heart (Remix)) by Fay Michaels

  • Beautiful-Finale-House-of-Archer-Book-4-Raine-Thomas

    Beautiful Finale (House of Archer Book 4) by Raine Thomas

  • Everything-We-Are-The-Extra-Series-Book-3-Megan-Walker

    Everything We Are (The Extra Series Book 3) by Megan Walker

  • Dissonance-The-Clean-Cut-Tracey-Ward

    Dissonance (The Clean Cut) by Tracey Ward

  • Melody-Beautiful-Book-3-Lilliana-Anderson

    Melody (Beautiful Book 3) by Lilliana Anderson

  • Rocking-Her-Boat-Melanie-Edwards

    Rocking Her Boat by Melanie Edwards

  • Sleepless-in-Paris-Sweet-Rockstar-Romance-Travel-in-Love-Book-1-Colette-Faraway

    Sleepless in Paris: Sweet Rockstar Romance (Travel in Love Book 1) by Colette Faraway

  • Insatiable-Mickey-Miller

    Insatiable by Mickey Miller

  • Indigo-Rain-Blackwood-UK-Book-4-Elise-Noble

    Indigo Rain (Blackwood UK Book 4) by Elise Noble

  • Sinister-Love-Part-1-shattered-hearts-Amanda-L-Richer

    Sinister Love: Part 1 shattered hearts by Amanda L Richer

  • Breakdown-Aly-Zigada

    Breakdown by Aly Zigada

  • Rock-Star-Romances-Box-Set-Duet-Two-Standalone-Rockstar-Romances-Di-Jones

    Rock Star Romances Box Set Duet Two Standalone Rockstar Romances by Di Jones

  • Kozart-A-Rockstar-Romance-J-Nathan

    Kozart A Rockstar Romance by J Nathan

  • Indigo-The-Complete-Series-Books-1-4-Kate-McBrien

    Indigo The Complete Series Books 1 4 by Kate McBrien

  • Mash-Up-Rockstar's-Reverse-Harem-Kim-Carmichael

    Mash Up Rockstar's Reverse Harem by Kim Carmichael

  • Sing-to-Me-Rock-Me-Book-3-Lee-Piper

    Sing to Me Rock Me Book 3 by Lee Piper

  • Island-Side-Rock-Stars-Surf-and-Second-Chances-Book-5-Michelle-Mankin

    Island Side Rock Stars Surf and Second Chances Book 5 by Michelle Mankin

  • Fate's-Hand-Book-One-of-A-Rockstar-&-A-Runner-MJ-Fothe

    Fate's Hand Book One of A Rockstar & A Runner by MJ Fothe

  • Heart's-Desire-A-Rockstar-&-A-Runner-Book-2-MJ-Fothe

    Heart's Desire A Rockstar & A Runner Book 2 by MJ Fothe

  • Kindred-Souls-A-Rockstar-&-A-Runner-Book-3-MJ-Fothe

    Kindred Souls A Rockstar & A Runner Book 3 by MJ Fothe

  • One's-Promised-A-Rockstar-&-A-Runner-Book-4-MJ-Fothe

    One's Promised A Rockstar & A Runner Book 4 by MJ Fothe

  • Love-Everlasting-A-Rockstar-&-A-Runner-Book-5-MJ-Fothe

    Love Everlasting A Rockstar & A Runner Book 5 by MJ Fothe

  • Till-the-End-of-Time-A-Rockstar-&-A-Runner-Book-6-MJ-Fothe

    Till the End of Time A Rockstar & A Runner Book 6 by MJ Fothe

  • Say-You-Crave-Me-Full-Moon-Book-4-Stefanie-Van-Mol

    Say You Crave Me Full Moon Book 4 by Stefanie Van Mol

  • Purple-Method-Victoria-Milne

    Purple Method by Victoria Milne

  • Crossroads-Forsaken-Hearts-Book-1-EL-DuBois

    Crossroads (Forsaken Hearts Book 1) by EL DuBois

  • Be-Your-Everything-Be-Yours-Trilogy-Book-3-Lizzie-Fox

    Be Your Everything (Be Yours Trilogy Book 3) by Lizzie Fox

  • Her-Second-Chance-Best-Friend-Rockstar-Baton-Rouge-Second-Chance-Romance-Hanna-Hart

    Her Second Chance Best Friend Rockstar (Baton Rouge Second Chance Romance) by Hanna Hart

  • High-Tide-Rock-Stars-Surf-and-Second-Chances-Book-4-Michelle-Mankin

    High Tide (Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances Book 4) by Michelle Mankin

  • Blood-Song-Prelude-Blood-Song-Series-Book-1-Charli-B-Rose

    Blood Song: Prelude (Blood Song Series Book 1) by Charli B Rose

  • Forgiven-Kellee-Strickland

    Forgiven by Kellee Strickland

  • Superfan-Sarina-Bowen

    Superfan by Sarina Bowen

  • Beautifully-Broken-Life-The-Sutter-Lake-Series-Book-2-Catherine-Cowles

    Beautifully Broken Life (The Sutter Lake Series Book 2) by Catherine Cowles

  • Rockstar-Savages-Forbidden-Chords-Book-3-Ja'Nese-Dixon

    Rockstar Savages (Forbidden Chords Book 3) by Ja'Nese Dixon

  • The-Heart-You-Break-Wilde-Ways-Book-4-Cynthia-Eden

    The Heart You Break (Wilde Ways Book 4) by Cynthia Eden

  • Rock-Hard-Brenda-Ford

    Rock Hard by Brenda Ford

  • Another-Sky-Jayne-Frost

    Another Sky By Jayne Frost

  • Never-Fall-in-Love-with-a-Rockstar-Rachel-Higginson

    Never Fall in Love with a Rockstar by Rachel Higginson

  • Breakout-The-King-Brothers-Rockstar-Romance-Toni-Kenyon

    Breakout: The King Brothers Rockstar Romance by Toni Kenyon

  • Liner-Notes-A-Lair-Novel-A-M-Madden

    Liner Notes, A Lair Novel by A.M. Madden

  • River-of-Deceit-The-Guitar-Face-Series-Book-4-Sasha-Marshall

    River of Deceit (The Guitar Face Series Book 4) by Sasha Marshall

  • Rockstar-Romance-Boxset-Rock-Legends-Alex-Wolf

    Rockstar Romance Boxset: Rock Legends by Alex Wolf

  • Such-Great-Heights-A-Rock-Star-Romance-Blue-is-the-Color-Book-3-Julia-Wolf

    Such Great Heights: A Rock Star Romance (Blue is the Color Book 3) by Julia Wolf

  • Jersey-Six-Jewel-E-Ann

    Jersey Six by Jewel E Ann

  • The-Tricksters-Drum-Godsongs-Book-1-Jax-Garren

    The Trickster's Drum (Godsongs Book 1) by Jax Garren

  • Exquisitely-Broken-A-Sin-City-Tale-Book-1-M-Jay-Granberry

    Exquisitely Broken (A Sin City Tale Book 1) by M. Jay Granberry

  • Four-on-the-Floor-A-Menage-Romance-Parker-Grey

    Four on the Floor: A Menage Romance by Parker Grey

  • Fractured-Heart-LUV-Academy-Book-1-Mia-Harlan

    Fractured Heart (LUV Academy Book 1) by Mia Harlan

  • Everything-I-Want-Cataclysm-Book-3-Jerica-MacMillan

    Everything I Want (Cataclysm Book 3) by Jerica MacMillan

  • Bring-on-the-Night-Love-in-Nashville-Book-1-SJ-McCoy

    Bring on the Night (Love in Nashville Book 1) by SJ McCoy

  • Hot-Wired-Series-Box-Set-Gracen-Miller

    Hot Wired Series Box Set by Gracen Miller

  • No-Strings-Attached-A-BWWM-Rockstar-Romance-The-Woodcox-Brothers-Book-4-Simone-Rivers

    No Strings Attached: (The Woodcox Brothers Book 4) by Simone Rivers

  • Love-In-Flames-The-Complete-Assured-Elites-Trilogy-by-Parker-Avrile

    Love In Flames: The Complete Assured Elites Trilogy by Parker Avrile

  • Impossible-Things-Star-Shadow-Book-2-by-Beth-Bolden

    Impossible Things (Star Shadow Book 2) by Beth Bolden

  • Tempt-Me-Forever-by-Brenda-Ford

    Tempt Me Forever by Brenda Ford

  • This-Ones-For-You-by-Taylor-Holloway

    This One's For You by Taylor Holloway

  • The-Bloodfeather-Promise-Seven-Seconds-Novel-Book-1-by-April-Moran

    The Bloodfeather Promise (Seven Seconds Novel Book 1) by April Moran

  • Fate-By-Forgiveness-by-Charisse-Spiers

    Fate By Forgiveness by Charisse Spiers

  • Under-The-Same-Sky-Horseshoe-Bay-Book-1-Tamsyn-Bester

    Under The Same Sky (Horseshoe Bay Book 1) by Tamsyn Bester

  • Rock-Gods-Joanna-Blake

    Rock Gods by Joanna Blake

  • One-More-Summer-Dez-Burke

    One More Summer by Dez Burke

  • Seattle-Sound-Series-The-Collection-Books-1-3-Alexa-Padgett

    Seattle Sound Series, The Collection: Books 1-3 by Alexa Padgett

  • Almost-Paradise-Rock-and-Roll-Forever-Book-1-Mary-J-Williams

    Almost Paradise (Rock and Roll Forever Book 1) by Mary J. Williams

  • Love-is-Everything-Melody-Winter

    Love is Everything by Melody Winter

  • 	Follow-Your-Heart-Catalyst-Mylee-Pascual-Bernardo

    Follow Your Heart (Catalyst Book 1) by Mylee Pascual Bernardo

  • 	Rise-of-a-Rock-Star-The-Rock-Star-Records-Barbra-Best

    Rise of a Rock Star (The Rock Star Records Book 1) by Barbra Best

  • 	Hard-Rock-Love-Box-Set-A-Second-Chance-Romance-Allie-Hayden

    Hard Rock Love Box Set: A Second Chance Romance by Allie Hayden

  • 	The-Red-&-Black-Series-The-Red-&-Black-Grace-Harper

    The Red & Black Series: Books 1-3 (The Red & Black Boxset Book 1) by Grace Harper

  • 	A-Songwriter's-Death-by-Patricia-Hoving

    A Songwriter's Death by Patricia Hoving

  • 	Loving-a-Star-Series-Box-Set-Emma-Kingsley

    Loving a Star Series: (Box Set: Books 1-4) by Emma Kingsley

  • 	How-to-Stay-Bad-Girls-of-Cherry-Lake-Christina-Mitchell

    How to Stay (Bad Girls of Cherry Lake Book 1) by Christina Mitchell

  • 	Rockstar-Baby-Crescent-Cove-by-Taryn-Quinn

    Rockstar Baby (Crescent Cove Book 6) by Taryn Quinn

  • 	Jet-and-Tulsa-The-Crow-Brothers-Rock-Star-Series-SL-Scott

    Jet and Tulsa - The Crow Brothers: Rock Star Series Set 1 by S.L. Scott

  • The-Blood-Stone-Riot-Series-Julie-Archer

    The Blood Stone Riot Series: Cocktails, Rock Tales & Betrayals; One Last Shot; Wild Tonic by Julie Archer

  • Starfish-A-Rock-Star-Romance-Lisa-Becker

    Starfish: A Rock Star Romance by Lisa Becker

  • Tell-Me-Goodnight-Kelsey-Kingsley

    Tell Me Goodnight by Kelsey Kingsley

  • All-Your-Tomorrows-A-Rockstar-Romance-Rocked-in-Love-Book-3-Jessica-Marlowe

    All Your Tomorrows: A Rockstar Romance (Rocked in Love Book 3) by Jessica Marlowe

  • Certainty-RiffRaff-Records-Book-7-L-P-Maxa

    Certainty (RiffRaff Records Book 7) by L.P. Maxa

  • Reckless-Jesse-Zane-Menzy

    Reckless Jesse by Zane Menzy

  • Rock-Radio-Lisa-Wainland

    Rock Radio by Lisa Wainland

  • Playing-You-A-Rockstar-Romance-Players-to-Lovers-Book-4-by-Ketley-Allison

    Playing You: A Rockstar Romance (Players to Lovers Book 4) by Ketley Allison

  • Rogue-Extra-The-Complete-Books-5-8-by-Lara-Ward-Cosio

    Rogue Extra: The Complete Books #5-8 by Lara Ward Cosio

  • Till-The-Sun-Dies-Checkmate-Series-Book-2-by-Emilia-Finn

    Till The Sun Dies (Checkmate Series Book 2) by Emilia Finn

  • Scandalous-Infamous-Series-Book-2-by-Lizzie-Fox

    Scandalous (Infamous Series Book 2) by Lizzie Fox

  • Broken-Beats-An-Illusion-Series-Novel-by-D-Kelly

    Broken Beats: An Illusion Series Novel by D. Kelly

  • Broken-Record-The-Woodcox-Rockstar-Brothers-Book-3-by-Simone-Rivers

    Broken Record (The Woodcox Rockstar Brothers Book 3) by Simone Rivers

  • Midnight-Melody-Rocking-Romance-Collection-Book-5-by-M-J-Schiller

    Midnight Melody (Rocking Romance Collection Book 5) by M.J. Schiller

  • Come-Together-Rock-Hard-Book-2-Madelynne-Ellis

    Come Together (Rock Hard Book 2) by Madelynne Ellis

  • Come-Alive-Rock-Hard-Book-3-Madelynne-Ellis

    Come Alive (Rock Hard Book 3) by Madelynne Ellis

  • Sex-Love-and-Rock-and-Roll-6-book-Boxed-Set-Michelle-Hazen

    Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll 6-book Boxed Set by Michelle Hazen

  • Seductive-Melody-and-Capture-My-Heart-A-2-in-1-Collection-California-Passions-J-M-Jeffries

    Seductive Melody & Capture My Heart: A 2-in-1 Collection (California Passions) by J.M. Jeffries

  • No-More-Yesterdays-A-Rockstar-Romance-Rocked-in-Love-Book-2-Jessica-Marlowe

    No More Yesterdays: A Rockstar Romance (Rocked in Love Book 2) by Jessica Marlowe

  • Ever-After-With-You-Indigo-Book-4-Kate-McBrien

    Ever After With You (Indigo Book 4) by Kate McBrien

  • Finding-Joy-Scalera-Family-Series-Book-5-Faith-O'Shea

    Finding Joy (Scalera Family Series Book 5) by Faith O'Shea

  • Promising-You-Promising-Me-You-and-Me-Book-2-Tylor-Paige

    Promising You, Promising Me (You and Me Book 2) by Tylor Paige

  • Dance-With-Me-With-Me-In-Seattle-Book-12-Kristen-Proby

    Dance With Me (With Me In Seattle Book 12) by Kristen Proby

  • Kiss-and-Tell-Sin-and-Tonic-Book-1-Athena-Wright

    Kiss and Tell (Sin and Tonic Book 1) by Athena Wright

  • In-Starlight-Kate-Bigel

    In Starlight by Kate Bigel

  • The-Lady-and-Tay-Dawn-Burton

    The Lady and Tay by Dawn Burton

  • Problematic-Love-Rogue-Series-Book-8-Lara-Ward-Cosio

    Problematic Love (Rogue Series Book 8) by Lara Ward Cosio

  • Riders-on-the-Storm-Waiting-for-the-Sun-Part-Two-Robin-Hill

    Riders on the Storm: Waiting for the Sun Part Two by Robin Hill

  • Driving-Reigns-Velocity-Book-4-Bella-Jeanisse

    Driving Reigns (Velocity Book 4) by Bella Jeanisse

  • Forgivence-Texas-Muses-Book-4-CeaJae-McBride

    Forgivence (Texas Muses Book 4) by CeaJae McBride

  • Your-Chorus-Sherbrooke-Station-Book-4-Katia-Rose

    Your Chorus (Sherbrooke Station Book 4) by Katia Rose

  • ROCKSTAR-Lauren-Rowe

    ROCKSTAR by Lauren Rowe

  • Skipped-a-Beat-Love-Hate-Rock-n-Roll-Book-2-JB-Salsbury

    Skipped a Beat (Love Hate Rock-n-Roll Book 2) by JB Salsbury

  • BAD-GIRLS-Rock-Star-Harem-Series-Book-2-Yumoyori-Wilson

    BAD GIRLS (Rock Star Harem Series Book 2) by Yumoyori Wilson

  • Running-With-Scissors-LA-Witt

    Running With Scissors by L.A. Witt

  • String-Me-Jaded-Ivory-Book-4-Rebecca-Brooke

    String Me (Jaded Ivory Book 4) by Rebecca Brooke

  • ANGEL-Fallen-Angel-Book-3-Ella-Frank

    ANGEL (Fallen Angel Book 3) by Ella Frank

  • When-He-Returns-A-Christian-Romance-Callaghans-McFaddens-Book-10-Kimberly-Rae-Jordan

    When He Returns: A Christian Romance (Callaghans & McFaddens Book 10) by Kimberly Rae Jordan

  • With-You-A-Rockstar-Romance-Rocked-in-Love-Book-One-1-Jessica-Marlowe

    With You: A Rockstar Romance (Rocked in Love Book One 1) by Jessica Marlowe

  • Out-of-the-Red-The-Braxton-Hunte-Story-The-Hunte-Family-Series-Book-1-Arell-Rivers

    Out of the Red: The Braxton Hunte Story (The Hunte Family Series Book 1) by Arell Rivers

  • Confessions-of-a-Groupie-Jades-Story-Janice-Williams

    Confessions of a Groupie... Jade's Story by Janice Williams

  • Like-The-Wind-J-Bengtsson

    Like The Wind by J. Bengtsson

  • The-Stereo-Hearts-Series-Books-1-3-Trevion-Burns

    The Stereo Hearts Series: Books 1-3 by Trevion Burns

  • Love-and-Consequences-A-Love-and-Ruin-Standalone-Novel-J-A-Owenby

    Love & Consequences: A Love & Ruin Standalone Novel by J.A. Owenby

  • Wicked-Serenade-a-Lost-in-Oblivion-Rockstar-Collection-Cari-Quinn-and-Taryn-Elliott

    Wicked Serenade: a Lost in Oblivion Rockstar Collection by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott

  • TIME-Laws-of-Physics-3-Penny-Reid

    TIME: Laws of Physics 3 by Penny Reid

  • No-Treble-Allowed-A-Straight-Wicked-Novel-Kristine-Allen

    No Treble Allowed: A Straight Wicked Novel by Kristine Allen

  • Love-Me-One-Night-with-Sole-Regret-Book-12-Olivia-Cunning

    Love Me (One Night with Sole Regret Book 12) by Olivia Cunning

  • Raven-Acoustics-Rock-Star-Romance-Red-Black-Series-Book-3-Grace-Harper

    Raven Acoustics: Rock Star Romance (Red & Black Series Book 3) by Grace Harper

  • Before-We-Fell-Love-In-The-Heartland-Stacey-Lynn

    Before We Fell (Love In The Heartland) by Stacey Lynn

  • 5-Boys-on-the-Brain-Evie-Kady

    5 Boys on the Brain by Evie Kady

  • Manhattan-Melody-On-Tour-Book-1-Deelylah-Mullin

    Manhattan Melody (On Tour Book 1) by Deelylah Mullin

  • His-for-One-Night-First-Family-of-Rodeo-Book-3-Sarah-M-Anderson

    His for One Night (First Family of Rodeo Book 3) by Sarah M. Anderson

  • Cover-Me-Joanna-Blake

    Cover Me by Joanna Blake

  • Shattered-Stars-Shari-J-Ryan

    Shattered Stars by Shari J. Ryan

  • Silver-Fox-Bridge-to-Abingdon-Book-4-Tatum-West

    Silver Fox (Bridge to Abingdon Book 4) by Tatum West

  • VIPER-Fallen-Angel-Book-2-Brooke-Blaine

    VIPER (Fallen Angel Book 2) by Brooke Blaine

  • Running-Hurt-Running-Hearts-Book-1-Saffron-Blu

    Running Hurt (Running Hearts Book 1) by Saffron Blu

  • Striking-Edge-Steele-Ridge-The-Kingstons-Book-4-Kelsey-Browning

    Striking Edge (Steele Ridge: The Kingstons Book 4) by Kelsey Browning

  • Sunshine-and-Spotlights-Sunshine-Duet-Book-1-K-M-Daniels

    Sunshine & Spotlights (Sunshine Duet Book 1) by K.M. Daniels

  • The-Rookie-and-The-Rockstar-Jiffy-Kate

    The Rookie and The Rockstar by Jiffy Kate

  • Hats-Off-to-Liberty-A-novel-Kevin-Kennedy

    Hats Off to Liberty: A novel by Kevin Kennedy

  • Reverb-Songs-and-Sonatas-Book-7-Jerica-MacMillan

    Reverb (Songs and Sonatas Book 7) by Jerica MacMillan

  • Jameson-s-Addiction-Glenna-Maynard

    Jameson's Addiction by Glenna Maynard

  • Rock-Me-Baby-A-M-McGilvray

    Rock Me Baby by A.M. McGilvray

  • Rock-Gods-Maddox-Brandy-Munroe

    Rock Gods: Maddox by Brandy Munroe

  • Crashing-into-Liam-Marion-Myles

    Crashing into Liam by Marion Myles

  • Songs-in-the-Key-of-Life-Jagged-Edge-Book-1-Lori-Ann-Robinson

    Songs in the Key of Life (Jagged Edge Book 1) by Lori Ann Robinson

  • My-Bad-Boy-Stepbrother-Natasha-Stories

    My Bad Boy Stepbrother by Natasha Stories

  • The-Benefits-of-Bad-Decisions-Lisa-Suzanne

    The Benefits of Bad Decisions by Lisa Suzanne

  • Bentley-Southern-Sands-Book-5-A-M-Williams

    Bentley (Southern Sands Book 5) by A.M. Williams

  • Rogue-Wave

    Rogue Wave: Cake Series Book Five by J. Bengtsson

  • The-Underdogs

    The Underdogs Box Set - Books 1-3 (gay rockstar romance) by K.A. Merikan

  • 5,331-Miles-by-Willow-Aster

    5,331 Miles by Willow Aster

  • Perception-Three-Book-Boxed-Set-by-Shandi-Boyes

    Perception - Three Book Boxed Set by Shandi Boyes

  • Rapture-A-Novel-N-N-Britt

    Rapture: A Novel by N. N. Britt

  • Wild-Card-Book-Two-of-The-Kendrick-Chronicles-by-K-A-Grayson

    Wild Card: Book Two of The Kendrick Chronicles by K.A. Grayson

  • RUINED-The-Price-of-Play-Everhide-Rockstar-Romance-Series-Book-2-by-Tania-Joyce

    RUINED - The Price of Play: Everhide Rockstar Romance Series Book 2 by Tania Joyce

  • Say-Yes-Jack-Say-Yes-Series-Book-Three-by-Amelia-Mae

    Say Yes: Jack: Say Yes Series Book Three by Amelia Mae

  • Down-Dirty-Men-of-Haven-Book-6-by-Rhenna-Morgan

    Down & Dirty (Men of Haven Book 6) by Rhenna Morgan

  • Addicted-to-Chaos-by-Elle-Newman

    Addicted to Chaos by Elle Newman

  • SPACE-Laws-of-Physics-2-by-Penny-Reid

    SPACE: Laws of Physics 2 by Penny Reid

  • Breathing-Wisteria-Fleurs-d'Amour-Book-4-by-Amali-Rose

    Breathing Wisteria (Fleurs d'Amour Book 4) by Amali Rose

  • Replay-Off-Track-Records-Book-4-by-Kacey-Shea

    Replay (Off Track Records Book 4) by Kacey Shea

  • Catching-Noah-An-Older-Man-Younger-Woman-Romance-Thrill-Of-The-Chase-Book-5-by-Angela-Stevens

    Catching Noah: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance (Thrill Of The Chase Book 5) by Angela Stevens

  • Hard-Rock-Love-Cherry-Lips-Book-4-by-Athena-Wright

    Hard Rock Love (Cherry Lips Book 4) by Athena Wright

  • HALO-Fallen-Angel-Book-1-Ella-Frank

    HALO (Fallen Angel Book 1) by Ella Frank

  • The-Other-One-Isobel-Hart

    The Other One by Isobel Hart

  • Just-A-Little-Bit-Country-Montgomery-Ranch-Series-Book-1-V-Kelly

    Just A Little Bit Country (Montgomery Ranch Series Book 1) by V. Kelly

  • Center-Stage-The-Fangirl-Series-Book-3-Liberty-Kontranowski

    Center Stage (The Fangirl Series Book 3) by Liberty Kontranowski

  • After-The-Show-Linda-Van-Meter

    After The Show by Linda Van Meter

  • Baking-With-A-Rockstar-A-Brooksville-Novel-Book-1-Jasmin-Miller

    Baking With A Rockstar (A Brooksville Novel Book 1) by Jasmin Miller

  • The-Inside-Track-A-License-to-Love-Novel-Tamsen-Parker

    The Inside Track: A License to Love Novel by Tamsen Parker

  • Revel-Shey-Stahl

    Revel by Shey Stahl

  • BAD-GIRLS-Rock-Star-Harem-Series-Book-1-Yumoyori-Wilson

    BAD GIRLS (Rock Star Harem Series Book 1) by Yumoyori Wilson

  • The-Ashland-Series-Boxed-Set-Books-#1-4-by-Alexandria-Bishop

    The Ashland Series Boxed Set, Books #1-4 by Alexandria Bishop

  • Be-Understanding-Escaping-the-Friend-Zone-Book-3-by-Thia-Finn

    Be Understanding (Escaping the Friend Zone Book 3) by Thia Finn

  • Rock-My-World-by-Mia-Ford

    Rock My World by Mia Ford

  • Not-Your-Knight-in-Shining-Armour-a-Royal-Wedding-romance-Royal-Weddings-Book-4-by-Kate-Johnson

    Not Your Knight in Shining Armour: a Royal Wedding romance (Royal Weddings Book 4) by Kate Johnson

  • The-Story-Of-Carnage-The-Complete-Carnage-Collection-Books-1-5-by-Lesley-Jones

    The Story Of Carnage: The Complete Carnage Collection: Books 1-5 by Lesley Jones

  • Just-a-Crush-by-Tabatha-Kiss

    Just a Crush by Tabatha Kiss

  • Suddenly-Broken-Dirty-Texas-Book-5-by-JA-Low

    Suddenly Broken (Dirty Texas Book 5) by JA Low

  • Finding-Grey-Gay-Rock-Star-Romance-Return-to-You-Book-1-by-Rebecca-Raine

    Finding Grey: Gay Rock Star Romance (Return to You Book 1) by Rebecca Raine

  • Love-and-Lucia-A-Rockstar-Romance-by-Zara-Rivas

    Love and Lucia: A Rockstar Romance by Zara Rivas

  • SUPERSTAR-Part-3-Briarwood-Series-Briarwood-Series-Affairs-of-the-Heart-by-Kew-Townsend

    SUPERSTAR (Part 3) Briarwood Series: Briarwood Series - Affairs of the Heart by Kew Townsend

  • Grayson-Southern-Sands-Book-4-by-A-M-Williams

    Grayson (Southern Sands Book 4) by A.M. Williams

  • Love-Noteby-MM-Rockstar-Romance-Chords-of-Chaos-Book-3-Casey-Carson

    Love Note: MM Rockstar Romance (Chords of Chaos Book 3) by Casey Carson

  • Saving-Southby-Damaged-Souls-Golden-Hearts-Amy-J-Heart

    Saving South: Damaged Souls Golden Hearts by Amy J. Heart

  • American-Girl-Violet-Jones

    American Girl by Violet Jones

  • Songs-and-Sonatasby-Jonathan-and-Gabbyby-Double-Exposition-Development-Recapitulation-Jerica-MacMillan

    Songs and Sonatas by Jerica MacMillan

  • The-Right-Man-Michelle-Mankin

    The Right Man by Michelle Mankin

  • Rock-n-Stroller-A-Rockstars-Secret-BaRomance-BaSurprises-Book-4-Layla-Valentine

    Rock 'n' Stroller (Baby Surprises Book 4) by Layla Valentine

  • The-Manzone-Brothers-Box-Setby-Books-46-Sand-&-Fog-Series-Parker-Saga-Book-4-Susan-Ward

    The Manzone Brothers Box Set Sand & Fog Series (Parker Saga Book 4) by Susan Ward

  • Snare-My-Heart-A-Straight-Wicked-Novel-by-Kristine-Allen

    Snare My Heart: A Straight Wicked Novel by Kristine Allen

  • Maid-in-England-The-Bridesmaid-and-the-Rockstar-The-I-Do-Crew-Book-1-by-Brenda-St-John-Brown

    Maid in England: The Bridesmaid and the Rockstar (The I Do Crew Book 1) by Brenda St John Brown

  • Rock-Star-Romance-Sweet-Contemporary-Romance-Collection-by-Ruby-Hill

    Rock Star Romance: Sweet Contemporary Romance Collection by Ruby Hill

  • The-Rock-Star's-Scheming-Bride-The-Blushing-Brides-Series-Book-1-by-Emma-St.-Clair

    The Rock Star's Scheming Bride (The Blushing Brides Series Book 1) by Emma St. Clair

  • Wager-A-Rock-Star-Duet-by-Kristen-Strassel

    Wager: A Rock Star Duet by Kristen Strassel

  • Times-Like-These-A-Rock-Star-Romance-Blue-is-the-Color-by-Julia-Wolf

    Times Like These: A Rock Star Romance (Blue is the Color) by Julia Wolf

  • 	The-Rock-Chamber-Boys-The-Complete-Series-by-Daisy-Allen

    The Rock Chamber Boys : The Complete Series by Daisy Allen

  • 	Interlude-An-Illusion-Series-Novel-by-D-Kelly

    Interlude: An Illusion Series Novel by D. Kelly

  • 	The-Life-We-Wanted-by-Kelsey-Kingsley

    The Life We Wanted by Kelsey Kingsley

  • 	Always-With-You-Indigo-Book-3-by-Kate-McBrien

    Always With You (Indigo Book 3) by Kate McBrien

  • 	Las-Vegas-Sidewinders-Royce-by-Kat-Mizera

    Las Vegas Sidewinders: Royce by Kat Mizera

  • 	Sins-Duet-Secret-Sins-and-Sacred-Sins-by-CD-Reiss

    Sins Duet: Secret Sins and Sacred Sins by CD Reiss

  • 	NSB-Box-Set-The-Complete-NSB-Rocker-Series-by-Alyson-Santos

    NSB Box Set: The Complete NSB Rocker Series by Alyson Santos

  • 	The-Librarian-and-the-Rock-Star-by-Haley-Travis

    The Librarian and the Rock Star by Haley Travis

  • Rain-After-the-Storm-Rachel Ann

    Rain: After the Storm by Rachel Ann

  • Terrible-Things-by-Beth-Bolden

    Terrible Things by Beth Bolden

  • The-Seaside-Pictures-Boxed-Set-1-3-by-Rachel-Van-Dyken

    The Seaside Pictures Boxed Set 1-3 by Rachel Van Dyken

  • Remember-Us-This-Way-A-Contemporary-Rockstar-Romance-The-Sounds-of-Us-by-C-R-Jane

    Remember Us This Way: A Contemporary Rockstar Romance (The Sounds of Us) by C.R. Jane

  • Rock-God-Heir-The-Heirs-Book-5-by-Brandy-Munroe

    Rock God Heir (The Heirs Book 5) by Brandy Munroe

  • Love-Notes-Rockstars-of-Sweet-Romance-Book-1-by-Bonnie-Paulson

    Love Notes (Rockstars of Sweet Romance Book 1) by Bonnie Paulson

  • Dead-End-Life-A-Rockstar-Romance-by-Zara-Rivas

    Dead End Life: A Rockstar Romance by Zara Rivas

  • Winters-Wrath-Volume-1-by-Bianca-Sommerland

    Winter's Wrath Volume 1 by Bianca Sommerland

  • Veronica-Southern-Sands-Book-3-by-A-M-Williams

    Veronica (Southern Sands Book 3) by A.M. Williams

  • The-Band-A-Billionaire-Rockstar-Romance-Trilogy-Lara-Wynter

    The Band: A Billionaire Rockstar Romance Trilogy (The Complete Series) by Lara Wynter

  • Becks-A-Rockstar-Romance-Duet-Part-II-by-Thia-Finn

    Becks, A Rockstar Romance Duet, Part II by Thia Finn

  • Caged-Collection-Sixth-Street-Bands-Books-1-5-by-Jayne-Frost

    Caged Collection: Sixth Street Bands (Books 1-5) by Jayne Frost

  • Rockstar-s-New-Roommate-A-Second-Chance-Protector-Romance-by-Chelsea-Greene

    Rockstar's New Roommate: A Second Chance Protector Romance by Chelsea Greene

  • Enticing-Iris-by-Cherrie-Lynn

    Enticing Iris by Cherrie Lynn

  • Be-Your-Savior-The-Be-Yours-Trilogy-Book-2-by-Lizzie-Fox

    Be Your Savior (The Be Yours Trilogy Book 2) by Lizzie Fox

  • Awakening-the-Wolf-A-Shadow-walkers-werewolf-romance-by-Kelley-Heckart

    Awakening the Wolf: A Shadow-walkers werewolf romance by Kelley Heckart

  • Love-Deserved-Rock-N-Roll-Heiress-Book-3-by-Kelli-McCracken

    Love Deserved (Rock N Roll Heiress Book 3) by Kelli McCracken

  • The-Complete-Tempest-Rock-Star-Series,-books-1-6-by-Michelle-Mankin

    The Complete Tempest Rock Star Series, books 1-6 by Michelle Mankin

  • Deep-in-the-Heart-An-Austin-After-Dark-Book-Book-1-by-Alexa-Padgett

    Deep in the Heart (An Austin After Dark Book Book 1) by Alexa Padgett

  • Notes-of-the-Heart-Lyrical-Odyssey-Rock-Star-Series-Book-2-by-Charli-B-Rose

    Notes of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series Book 2) by Charli B. Rose

  • Hard-Rock-Muse-Cherry-Lips-Book-3-by-Athena-Wright

    Hard Rock Muse (Cherry Lips Book 3) by Athena Wright

  • 	Cant-Help-Falling-A-Rockstar-Romance-by-KE-Alexander

    Can't Help Falling by KE Alexander

  • 	Wet-for-Christmas-A-Rockstar-Romance-by-Mia-Ford

    Wet for Christmas: A Rockstar Romance by Mia Ford

  • 	More-Ryder-Brothers-by-JD-Hawkins

    More: Ryder Brothers by JD Hawkins

  • 	The-Player-by-Sara-Hubbard

    The Player by Sara Hubbard

  • 	Wycked-Escape-Wycked-Obsession-Book-3-by-Wynne-Roman

    Wycked Escape (Wycked Obsession Book 3) by Wynne Roman

  • 	Veracity-Jilted-Book-2-by-S-M-Shade

    Veracity (Jilted Book 2) by S.M. Shade

  • Hayzed-n-Confuzed-A-Rockstar-Romance-Kayla-Michelle-Brown

    Hayzed 'n' Confuzed: A Rockstar Romance by Kayla Michelle Brown

  • MELT-Underground-Encounters-1-3-vampire-shifter-witch-and-rockstar-romances-Lisa-Carlisle

    MELT (Underground Encounters 1-3): (vampire, shifter, witch) by Lisa Carlisle

  • Dirty-Like-Zane-A-Dirty-Rockstar-Romance-Dirty-Book-6-Jaine-Diamond

    Dirty Like Zane: A Dirty Rockstar Romance (Dirty, Book 6) by Jaine Diamond

  • Tempting-Ivy-Damaged-Souls-Golden-Hearts-Amy-J-Heart

    Tempting Ivy: Damaged Souls Golden Hearts by Amy J. Heart

  • Rock-Rebel-Nothing-but-Trouble-Book-3-Tara-Leigh

    Rock Rebel (Nothing but Trouble Book 3) by Tara Leigh

  • Reckless-A-Second-Chance-Romance-Bella-Love-Wins

    Reckless (A Second Chance Romance) by Bella Love-Wins

  • The-Stars-May-Rise-and-Fall-Phantom-of-the-Opera-Japan-Estella-Mirai

    The Stars May Rise and Fall by Estella Mirai

  • Cowboy-Casanova-The-Culture-Blind-Book-2-Xavier-Neal

    Cowboy Casanova (The Culture Blind Book 2) by Xavier Neal

  • Love-Out-Loud-Aimee-Salter

    Love Out Loud by Aimee Salter

  • Carnival-D-M-Thornton

    Carnival by D.M. Thornton

  • Rocky-Road-to-Christmas-by-Liz-Black

    Rocky Road to Christmas by Liz Black

  • Christmas-with-a-Rock-Star-by-Michelle-Mankin

    Christmas with a Rock Star by Michelle Mankin

  • Second-Guessing-A-Rockstar-Romance-by-Gail-Ward-Olmsted

    Second Guessing: A Rockstar Romance by Gail Ward Olmsted

  • Shrewd-Angel-The-Christmas-Angel-Book-6-by-Anyta-Sunday

    Shrewd Angel (The Christmas Angel Book 6) by Anyta Sunday

  • Harry-Southern-Sands-Book-2-by-A-M-Williams

    Harry (Southern Sands Book 2) by A.M. Williams

  • Rock-Me-A-Rockstar-Romance-Rock-Chamber-Boys-Book-4-by-Daisy-Allen

    Rock Me: A Rockstar Romance (Rock Chamber Boys Book 4) by Daisy Allen

  • Written-in-the-Stars-by-Jayme-Ardente-Silliman

    Written in the Stars by Jayme Ardente-Silliman

  • Slower-Book-Two-Jake-and-Louana-by-Deana-Birch

    Slower: Book Two Jake and Louana by Deana Birch

  • The-Midnight-Tigers-Cassio-by-Lainy-Bradshaw

    The Midnight Tigers - Cassio by Lainy Bradshaw

  • Whole-Lotta-Heart-Rock-Star-Hearts-Book-4-by-Amity-Cross

    Whole Lotta Heart (Rock Star Hearts Book 4) by Amity Cross

  • Be-Still-My-Heart-by-J-L-Feaman

    Be Still My Heart by J.L. Feaman

  • Run-Away-with-Me-by-Taylor-Holloway

    Run Away with Me by Taylor Holloway

  • Just-an-Illusion-Encore-The-Illusion-Series-Book-5-by-D-Kelly

    Just an Illusion - Encore (The Illusion Series Book 5) by D. Kelly

  • Finding-Abel-Rebel-Hearts-Book-1-by-Stephanie-Hoffman-McManus

    Finding Abel (Rebel Hearts Book 1) by Stephanie Hoffman McManus

  • Jailbreak-A-Rock-and-Roll-Fantasy-Realized-by-Siobhan-O'Neil

    Jailbreak: A Rock and Roll Fantasy Realized by Siobhan O'Neil

  • Rend-A-Novel-Riven-Series-Book-2-by-Roan-Parrish

    Rend: A Novel (Riven Series Book 2) by Roan Parrish

  • Rock-Redemption-Rockstar-Romantic-Suspense-Rock-Revenge-Book-3-by-Cari-Quinn

    Rock Redemption: Rockstar Romantic Suspense (Rock Revenge Book 3) by Cari Quinn

  • Your-Sound-Sherbrooke-Station-Book-3-by-Katia-Rose

    Your Sound (Sherbrooke Station Book 3) by Katia Rose

  • Insistent-Soul-Serenade-Book-4-by-Kaylee-Ryan

    Insistent (Soul Serenade Book 4) by Kaylee Ryan

  • Playing-by-Heart-by-JB-Salsbury

    Playing by Heart by JB Salsbury

  • Wild-Collision-The-Wild-A-Rock-Star-Romance-Series-Book-1-by-Micalea-Smeltzer

    Wild Collision (The Wild: A Rock Star Romance Series Book 1) by Micalea Smeltzer

  • Fated-for-You-by-Charisse-Spiers

    Fated for You by Charisse Spiers

  • Risk-Worth-Taking-Music-For-The-Heart-Book-Three-by-Faith-Starr

    Risk Worth Taking: Music For The Heart - Book Three by Faith Starr

  • Ruby-Riot-A-British-Rock-Star-Romance-Box-Set-by-Lisa-Swallow

    Ruby Riot: A British Rock Star Romance Box Set by Lisa Swallow

  • Finding-You-Colorado-High-Peaks-Book-1-Artemis-Anders

    Finding You (Colorado High Peaks Book 1) by Artemis Anders

  • Rain-Rachel-Ann

    Rain by Rachel Ann

  • Hearts-Divided-an-Angel-Fire-Rock-Romance-Angel-Fire-Rock-Romance-Series-Book-4-Ellie-Masters

    Hearts Divided: an Angel Fire Rock Romance (Angel Fire Rock Romance Series Book 4) by Ellie Masters

  • Betcha-Can't-Texas-Muses-Book-2-CeaJae-McBride

    Betcha Can't (Texas Muses Book 2) by CeaJae McBride

  • Bulletproof-Weeks-Rockstar-Romantic-Suspense-Winchester-Falls-Book-2-Cari-Quinn

    Bulletproof Weeks: Rockstar Romantic Suspense (Winchester Falls Book 2) by Cari Quinn

  • Edge-of-Forever-Rockstar-Romantic-Suspense-Winchester-Falls-Book-3-Cari-Quinn

    Edge of Forever: Rockstar Romantic Suspense (Winchester Falls Book 3) by Cari Quinn

  • Anything-But-Mine-Rockstar-Romantic-Suspense-Winchester-Falls-Book-1-Cari-Quinn

    Anything But Mine: Rockstar Romantic Suspense (Winchester Falls Book 1) by Cari Quinn

  • Fourplay-Rockstar-Romance-Cari-Quinn

    Fourplay: Rockstar Romance by Cari Quinn

  • Inspire-A-clean-rock-star-romance-The-Band-Book-3-Lara-Wynter

    Inspire: A clean rock star romance (The Band Book 3) by Lara Wynter

  • The-Baby-and-the-Rock-Star-Rock-Star-Kisses-Book-2-Veronica-Blade

    The Baby and the Rock Star (Rock Star Kisses Book 2) by Veronica Blade

  • Rhythm-and-Blues-Cyanide-Rockstar-Romance-Book-3-M-Bonneau

    Rhythm and Blues (Cyanide: Rockstar Romance Book 3) by M. Bonneau

  • Cover-Me-Jaded-Ivory-Book-3-Rebecca-Brooke

    Cover Me (Jaded Ivory Book 3) by Rebecca Brooke

  • Down-Beat-MM-Rockstar-Romance-Chords-of-Chaos-Book-2-Casey-Carson

    Down Beat: MM Rockstar Romance (Chords of Chaos Book 2) by Casey Carson

  • Better-Than-You-Better-Than-This-Book-3-C-G-Coppola

    Better Than You (Better Than This Book 3) by C.G. Coppola

  • Staged-Exodus-End-World-Tour-Book-3-Olivia-Cunning

    Staged (Exodus End World Tour Book 3) by Olivia Cunning

  • Reckless-The-Smoky-Mountain-Trio-Books-1-3-Sierra-Hill

    Reckless: The Smoky Mountain Trio Books 1-3 by Sierra Hill

  • Shouldn't-Want-You-Cataclysm-Book-2-Jerica-MacMillan

    Shouldn't Want You (Cataclysm Book 2) by Jerica MacMillan

  • When-Stars-Align-A-Lesbian-Romance-Cara-Malone

    When Stars Align: A Lesbian Romance by Cara Malone

  • Hold-Still-A-Hold-Series-Spin-off-Book-2-Arell-Rivers

    Hold Still (A Hold Series Spin-off Book 2) by Arell Rivers

  • The-Complete-Hart-of-Rock-and-Roll-Series-Box-Set-Books-1-5-Mary-J-Williams

    The Complete Hart of Rock and Roll Series Box Set Books 1-5 by Mary J. Williams

  • All-I-Want-Athena-Wright

    All I Want by Athena Wright

  • Inflict-A-sweet-billionaire-rockstar-romance-The-Band-Book-3-Lara-Wynter

    Inflict : A sweet billionaire rockstar romance (The Band Book 3) by Lara Wynter

  • How-Deep-a-rockstar-romance-by-K-E-Alexander

    How Deep - a rockstar romance by K E Alexander

  • Hot-Rock-Star-Daddy-An-Alpha-Male-Romance-by-Claire-Angel

    Hot Rock Star Daddy: An Alpha Male Romance by Claire Angel

  • Whole-Lotta-Sin-Rock-Star-Hearts-Book-3-by-Amity-Cross

    Whole Lotta Sin (Rock Star Hearts Book 3) by Amity Cross

  • Tylor-Paige

    Missing You, Missing Me (You and Me Series Book 1) by Tylor Paige

  • KPOP-Promise-1-3-KPOP-Promise-Series-Book-4-by-Love-Journey

    KPOP Promise: 1-3 (KPOP Promise Series Book 4) by Love Journey

  • Troubled-Times-by-Selena-Kitt

    Troubled Times by Selena Kitt

  • Liam-The-Lost-Billionaires-Book-3-by-Allison-LaFleur

    Liam: The Lost Billionaires Book 3 by Allison LaFleur

  • Pulse-A-Rockstar-Short-Story-by-Anne-Mercier

    Pulse: A Rockstar Short Story by Anne Mercier

  • Beats-of-the-Heart-Lyrical-Odyssey-Rock-Star-Series-Book-1-by-Charli-B-Rose

    Beats of the Heart (Lyrical Odyssey Rock Star Series Book 1) by Charli B. Rose

  • The-Unknown-The-Comeback-Series-Bonus-Book-Book-2-by-Marcie-Shumway

    The Unknown (The Comeback Series Bonus Book Book 2) by Marcie Shumway

  • Dare-to-Dream-Iron-Rogue-Book-2-by-Sandy-Sullivan

    Dare to Dream (Iron Rogue Book 2) by Sandy Sullivan

  • Her-Billionaire-in-Hiding-Texas-Ranch-Romance-Book-3-by-Sophia-Summers

    Her Billionaire in Hiding (Texas Ranch Romance Book 3) by Sophia Summers

  • Jax-Southern-Sands-Book-1-by-A-M-Williams

    Jax (Southern Sands Book 1) by A.M. Williams

  • Too-Proud-To-Beg-a-Rock-Star-Romance-by-K-E-Alexander

    Too Proud To Beg - a Rock Star Romance by K E Alexander

  • The-Way-She-Moves-a-rock-star-romance-by-K-E-Alexander

    The Way She Moves - a rock star romance by K E Alexander

  • Mischief-Managed-Sympathy-For-the-Devil-5-by-Stephanie-Burke

    Mischief Managed (Sympathy For the Devil 5) by Stephanie Burke

  • The-Raven-Rock-Shifter-Fairytales-Book-4-by-Lashell-Collins

    The Raven (Rock Shifter Fairytales Book 4) by Lashell Collins

  • Felicity-Found-Rogue-Series-Book-6-by-Lara-Ward-Cosio

    Felicity Found (Rogue Series Book 6) by Lara Ward Cosio

  • Deception-A-Stalker-Novel-by-Brittany-Crowley

    Deception (A Stalker Novel) by Brittany Crowley

  • The-Arts-of-Love-Stories-of-Sensual-Creativity-by-Harley-Easton

    The Arts of Love: Stories of Sensual Creativity by Harley Easton

  • Finding-Home-Book-1-of-the-Rollin-On-Series-by-Emilia-Finn

    Finding Home: Book 1 of the Rollin On Series by Emilia Finn

  • Beyond-the-Truth-A-Beyond-Surrender-Romance-Book-2-by-Nicky-F-Grant

    Beyond the Truth (A Beyond Surrender Romance Book 2) by Nicky F. Grant

  • Heard-From-Me-A-Contemporary-Reverse-Harem-ME-Series-Book-3-by-Laura-Greenwood

    Heard From Me: A Contemporary Reverse Harem (ME Series Book 3) by Laura Greenwood

  • Maddox-A-Bad-Boy-Rock-Star-Romance-Rock-Hard-Book-2-by-Lilian-Monroe

    Maddox: A Bad Boy Rock Star Romance (Rock Hard Book 2) by Lilian Monroe

  • Carter-A-Bad-Boy-Rock-Star-Romance-Rock-Hard-Book-3-by-Lilian-Monroe

    Carter: A Bad Boy Rock Star Romance (Rock Hard Book 3) by Lilian Monroe

  • Garrett-A-Bad-Boy-Rock-Star-Romance-Rock-Hard-Book-1-by-Lilian-Monroe

    Garrett: A Bad Boy Rock Star Romance (Rock Hard Book 1) by Lilian Monroe

  • Fingers-and-Strings-A-Trinity-Wilde-Firm-Hand-Love-Story-Book-3-by-Ambrosia-Panniq

    Fingers and Strings (A Trinity Wilde Firm Hand Love Story Book 3) by Ambrosia Panniq

  • A-Summer-Soundtrack-for-Falling-in-Love-by-Arden-Powell

    A Summer Soundtrack for Falling in Love by Arden Powell

  • Jackson's-Nanny-Beverly-Hills-Dragons-by-Meg-Ripley

    Jackson's Nanny (Beverly Hills Dragons) by Meg Ripley

  • Promise-To-Fulfill-Music-For-The-Heart-Book-Two-by-Faith-Starr

    Promise To Fulfill: Music For The Heart - Book Two by Faith Starr

  • The-beat-goes-on-Rockstar-Book-3-by-Eric-Thornton

    The beat goes on (Rockstar Book 3) by Eric Thornton

  • Because-You-Loved-Me-Again-Book-1-Remmy-Duchene

    Because You Loved Me (Again Book 1) by Remmy Duchene

  • Before-Midnight-Reilly's-Story-After-Midnight-Book-1-Juliana-Mae

    Before Midnight: Reilly's Story (After Midnight Book 1) by Juliana Mae

  • Craving-Him-A-BWWM-Rockstar-Romance-Kendra-Queen

    Craving Him: A BWWM Rockstar Romance by Kendra Queen

  • Lithium-Oasis-A-Lithium-Springs-Novel-Carmel-Rhodes

    Lithium Oasis: A Lithium Springs Novel by Carmel Rhodes

  • A-Ransom-Christmas-Rachel-Schurig

    A Ransom Christmas by Rachel Schurig

  • Serenade-Me-Rock-Chamber-Boys-Book-3-Daisy-Allen

    Serenade Me (Rock Chamber Boys Book 3) by Daisy Allen

  • His,-His-or-His?-Hanleigh-Bradley

    His, His or His? by Hanleigh Bradley

  • Twisted-Rhythm-A-Dark-Rockstar-Romance-Twisted-Rhythm-Series-Book-1-Lexxi-Chase

    Twisted Rhythm: A Dark Rockstar Romance (Twisted Rhythm Series Book 1) by Lexxi Chase

  • Standish-Bay-Romance-Books-1-3-Cole,-Bridget,-Mitch-Books-1-3-A-Standish-Bay-Romance-Christine-Donovan

    Standish Bay Romance - Books 1-3: Cole, Bridget, Mitch (Books 1-3 A Standish Bay Romance) by Christine Donovan

  • The-Rockstars-Christmas-Ba-Dana-Hart

    The Rockstar's Christmas Baby by Dana Hart

  • Lucky-Girl-Selena-Kitt

    Lucky Girl by Selena Kitt

  • Revelations-Tattoos-&-Tears-Book-2-Amiee-Louise

    Revelations (Tattoos & Tears Book 2) by Amiee Louise

  • HeartLess-Kristy-Love

    HeartLess by Kristy Love

  • The-Hysterics-Books-One-Through-Four-with-Bonus-Material-Kristen-Hope-Mazzola

    The Hysterics Books One Through Four with Bonus Material by Kristen Hope Mazzola

  • Waiting-for-You-Indigo-Book-2-Kate-McBrien

    Waiting for You (Indigo Book 2) by Kate McBrien

  • For-Always-and-Ever-Book-#13-in-the-McCullough-Romance-Series-Verity-Norton

    For Always and Ever: Book #13 in the McCullough Romance Series by Verity Norton

  • Duplicity-Jilted-Book-1-S-M-Shade

    Duplicity (Jilted Book 1) by S.M. Shade

  • All-Together-Now-A-Red-Hot-Bundle-of-Romance-Gemma-Stone

    All Together Now: A Red Hot Bundle of Romance by Gemma Stone

  • Irregular-Heartbeat-Chris-Zett

    Irregular Heartbeat by Chris Zett

  • Once-Upon-A-Wild-Fling-Lauren-Blakely

    Once Upon A Wild Fling by Lauren Blakely

  • Love-me-GoodbyePrelude-Series-Part-Five-Meg-Buchanan

    Love me Goodbye: Prelude Series-Part Five by Meg Buchanan

  • Whos-To-Say-Where-The-Stars-Will-Shine-Carol-Carpentier

    Who's To Say Where The Stars Will Shine (Who's To Say Trilogy Book 3) by Carol Carpentier

  • The-Rock-Star-Billionaires-Christian-Billionaires-Book-1-Selah-Danvers

    The Rock Star Billionaire's Fake Marriage (Blessed Billionaires Book 1) by Selah Danvers

  • A-Rock-&-Roll-Christmas-Lillian-Duncan

    A Rock & Roll Christmas by Lillian Duncan

  • Reckless-HeartsReckless-The-Smoky-Mountain-Trio-Book-3-Sierra-Hill

    Reckless Hearts (Reckless-The Smoky Mountain Trio Book 3) by Sierra Hill

  • Ever-Lonely-Ever-James-Band-Book-1-Kimberly-Lauren

    Ever Lonely (Ever James Band Book 1) by Kimberly Lauren

  • Chasing-My-Forever-Heidi-McLaughlin

    Chasing My Forever (The Beaumont Series: Next Generation Book 3) by Heidi McLaughlin

  • Close-Ryder-Brothers-Book-1-Laurelin-Paige

    Close (Ryder Brothers Book 1) by Laurelin Paige

  • Sugar-BastardSugar-Daddies-Book-6-Charity-Parkerson

    Sugar Bastard (Sugar Daddies Book 6) by Charity Parkerson

  • Rock-ReclaimedRockstar-Romantic-SuspenseRock-Revenge-Trilogy-Book-2-Cari-Quinn

    Rock Reclaimed (Rock Revenge Trilogy Book 2) by Cari Quinn

  • Deviant-BahaviorThe-Wild-Ones-Book-1-KRenee

    Deviant Bahavior (The Wild Ones Book 1) by K. Renee

  • The-Rock-Stars-Secret-BabyCourting-Trouble-Book-1-Lauren-Sherrill

    The Rock Star's Secret Baby: Courting Trouble Book 1 by Lauren Sherrill

  • It-Ended-with-the-TruthTruth-and-Lies-Duet-Book-2-Lisa-Suzanne

    It Ended with the Truth (Truth and Lies Duet Book 2) by Lisa Suzanne

  • Tequila-The-Complete-Duet-Melissa-Toppen

    Tequila: The Complete Duet by Melissa Toppen

  • The-One-Who-Matters-Most-Sandra-Corton

    The One Who Matters Most by Sandra Corton

  • Whole-Lotta-Lust-Rock-Star-Hearts-Book-2-Amity-Cross

    Whole Lotta Lust (Rock Star Hearts Book 2) by Amity Cross

  • Dirty-A-Rockstar-Romance-Box-Set-Jaine-Diamond

    Dirty: A Rockstar Romance Box Set by Jaine Diamond

  • Tunes-Beekman-Hills-Book-2-KC-Enders

    Tunes (Beekman Hills Book 2) by KC Enders

  • Something-Awesome-The-Three-Graces-Book-Five-Nia-Farrell

    Something Awesome: The Three Graces Book Five by Nia Farrell

  • Discreet-The-Discreet-Duet-Book-1-Nicole-French

    Discreet (The Discreet Duet Book 1) by Nicole French

  • Crimson-Melodies-Record-Label-Romance-Red-&-Black-Series-Book-2-Grace-Harper

    Crimson Melodies: Record Label Romance (Red & Black Series Book 2) by Grace Harper

  • Evan-s-Encore-Meltdown-The-Conclusion-Meltdown-book-4-RB-Hilliard

    Evan's Encore: Meltdown: The Conclusion (Meltdown book 4) by RB Hilliard

  • Indy-Ladies-Of-Ink-Book-1-Ash-Hosking

    Indy (Ladies Of Ink Book 1) by Ash Hosking

  • His-Secret-Heart-Crown-Creek-Theresa-Leigh

    His Secret Heart (Crown Creek) by Theresa Leigh

  • The-Rockstar-Survival-Guide-Nicolae-Macovei

    The Rockstar Survival Guide by Nicolae Macovei

  • Bluebird-Ann-Penny

    Bluebird by Ann Penny

  • Hold-Me-Music-For-The-Heart-Book-One-Faith-Starr

    Hold Me: Music For The Heart - Book One by Faith Starr

  • Guitar-God-A-Rockstar-Romance-Alex-Wolf

    Guitar God: A Rockstar Romance by Alex Wolf

  • Ransom-Courting-Chaos-Book-2-Heather-Young-Nichols

    Ransom (Courting Chaos Book 2) by Heather Young-Nichols

  • Don-t-Let-Go-Broken-Boys-1-R-Phoenix

    Don't Let Go: Broken Boys #1 by R. Phoenix

  • Undercover-Rockstar-A-Bad-Girls-Novel-Jennifer-Ann

    Undercover Rockstar (A Bad Girls Novel) by Jennifer Ann

  • Rock-Star-Teacher-The-Oliver-Boys-Band-Series-Book-Two-Rose-Bak

    Rock Star Teacher: The Oliver Boys Band Series Book Two by Rose Bak

  • Dirty-Like-Jude-A-Dirty-Rockstar-Romance-Dirty,-Book-5-Jaine-Diamond

    Dirty Like Jude: A Dirty Rockstar Romance (Dirty, Book 5) by Jaine Diamond

  • Rescued-by-Christmas-Erika-Marks

    Rescued by Christmas by Erika Marks

  • Off-Limits-Rose-and-Thorns-Vanessa-North

    Off Limits (Rose and Thorns) by Vanessa North

  • Saved-by-the-Rockstar-Rich-and-Famous-Romance-Book-1-Michelle-Pennington

    Saved by the Rockstar (Rich and Famous Romance Book 1) by Michelle Pennington

  • Immaterial-Defense-Once-and-Forever-Book-4-Lauren-Stewart

    Immaterial Defense (Once and Forever Book 4) by Lauren Stewart

  • Make-Music-With-Me-A-Straight-Wicked-Novel-by-Kristine-Allen

    Make Music With Me: A Straight Wicked Novel by Kristine Allen

  • Country-Gold-A-Wilder-Sisters-series-Standalone-by-Heatherly-Bell

    Country Gold: A Wilder Sisters series Standalone by Heatherly Bell

  • Wolves-Blood-by-L-F-Blake

    Wolves' Blood by L.F. Blake

  • Beautiful-Devil-The-Rockstar-Duet-Book-2-by-Sharlyn-G-Branson

    Beautiful Devil: The Rockstar Duet Book 2 by Sharlyn G. Branson

  • Marrying-the-Rock-Star-Rock-Hard-Book-2-by-B-B-Hamel

    Marrying the Rock Star (Rock Hard Book 2) by B. B. Hamel

  • OPEN-YOUR-HEART-Material-Girls-Book-1-by-Sophia-Henry

    OPEN YOUR HEART (Material Girls Book 1) by Sophia Henry

  • Rock-My-Heart-a-Salon-Games-novel-by-Stephanie-Julian

    Rock My Heart: a Salon Games novel by Stephanie Julian

  • Embers-From-Ash-and-Ruin-The-Ties-That-Bind-Saga-Book-2-by-Heather-O-Brien

    Embers From Ash and Ruin (The Ties That Bind Saga Book 2) by Heather O'Brien

  • Damien-s-Nanny-Beverly-Hills-Dragons-by-Meg-Ripley

    Damien's Nanny (Beverly Hills Dragons) by Meg Ripley

  • The-Wild-Irish-Series-Box-Set-Complete-Collection-by-C-M-Seabrook

    The Wild Irish Series Box Set: Complete Collection by C.M. Seabrook

  • Conception-Metal-Prodigy-Series-5-5-by-J-S-Snow

    Conception (Metal Prodigy Series #5.5) by J.S. Snow

  • The-Gilded-Tower-Tigers-Book-3-by-D-V-Williams

    The Gilded Tower (Tigers Book 3) by D.V. Williams

  • Once-Upon-A-Real-Good-Time-Lauren-Blakely

    Once Upon A Real Good Time by Lauren Blakely

  • No-Tomorrow-Carian-Cole

    No Tomorrow by Carian Cole

  • Untarnishing-Her-Cowboy-A-Country-Rock-Romance-Bounty-Wyoming-Book-1-Poppy-Dubois

    Untarnishing Her Cowboy: A Country Rock Romance (Bounty, Wyoming Book 1) by Poppy Dubois

  • Sin-With-Me-A-Rockstar-Romance-Rachel-Everly

    Sin With Me: A Rockstar Romance by Rachel Everly

  • Silver-Strings-Velocity-Book-3-Bella-Jeanisse

    Silver Strings (Velocity Book 3) by Bella Jeanisse

  • A-Valentine-Reunion-Nashville-Romance-Series-Book-1-Lita-Lawson

    A Valentine Reunion (Nashville Romance Series Book 1) by Lita Lawson

  • Temptations-Tattoos-&-Tears-Book-1-Amiee-Louise

    Temptations (Tattoos & Tears Book 1) by Amiee Louise

  • The-Sweetest-Song-Kiwi-Guys-Book-2-Zoe-Piper

    The Sweetest Song (Kiwi Guys Book 2) by Zoe Piper

  • Finding-Forever-Found-in-Oblivion-Book-7-Cari-Quinn

    Finding Forever (Found in Oblivion Book 7) by Cari Quinn

  • Your-Echo-Sherbrooke-Station-Book-2-Katia-Rose

    Your Echo (Sherbrooke Station Book 2) by Katia Rose

  • Rock-Savage---Books-1-3-Candy-J-Starr

    Rock Savage - Books 1-3 by Candy J Starr

  • Believer-Rockstar-Book-1-Eric-Thornton

    Believer (Rockstar Book 1) by Eric Thornton

  • Hard-Rock-Kiss-Athena-Wright

    Hard Rock Kiss by Athena Wright

  • Reckless-Michelle-Betham

    Reckless by Michelle Betham

  • The-Protector-A-Bodyguard-Romance-Nessa-Connor

    The Protector: A Bodyguard Romance by Nessa Connor

  • Pushing-Arlo-A-Rock-Star-Romance-Heartless-Few-MV-Ellis

    Pushing Arlo: (Heartless Few Book 3) by MV Ellis

  • Bearly-Saints-Rockstar-Bear-Shifter-Becca-Fanning

    Bearly Saints Ultimate Box Set: Rockstar Bear Shifter by Becca Fanning

  • Down-To-You-Rockstar-Romance-Sixth-Street-Bands-Jayne-Frost

    Down To You: Rockstar Romance (Sixth Street Bands Book 5) by Jayne Frost

  • Hot-As-Sin-A-Bad-Habit-Novella-Bad-Habit-J-T-Geissinger

    Hot As Sin: A Bad Habit Novella (Bad Habit Book 4) by J.T. Geissinger

  • Christmas-With-The-Band-Michelle-Hazen

    Christmas With The Band: (Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll Book 3.5) by Michelle Hazen

  • Awakening-Shadow-walkers-Kelley-Heckart

    Awakening: Shadow-walkers Book 1 by Kelley Heckart

  • Cast-Aside-in-Como-London-Lights-Di-Jones

    Cast Aside in Como (London Lights Book 3) by Di Jones

  • SnowFyer-Roosters-Marteeka-Karland

    SnowFyer (Roosters 7) by Marteeka Karland

  • Say-Yes-Shawn-Say-Yes-Series-Amelia-Mae

    Say Yes: Shawn: Say Yes Series Book Two by Amelia Mae

  • Rock-F*ck-Club-Michelle-Mankin

    Rock F*ck Club by Michelle Mankin

  • Ellen-Coral-McCallum

    Ellen by Coral McCallum

  • The-Rockstar-Series-Bundle-Limited-Edition-Anne-Mercier

    The Rockstar Series Bundle - Books 1 - 14: Limited Edition by Anne Mercier

  • Rockstar-on-Pointe-A-Silken-Edge-Sinful-Souls-Novella-Laci-Paige

    Rockstar on Pointe: A Silken Edge (Sinful Souls) Novella by Laci Paige

  • Molten-Steel-Contemporary-Hot-Romance-Nathalia-Hotel-Megan-Slayer

    Molten Steel: Contemporary Hot Romance (Nathalia Hotel Book 1) by Megan Slayer

  • Week-1-in-Austin-The-Chase-The-Austin-Series-Henriette-Vesterbak

    Week 1 in Austin: The Chase (The Austin Series) by Henriette Vesterbak

  • Whole-Lotta-Love-Rock-Star-Hearts-Book-1-by-Amity-Cross

    Whole Lotta Love (Rock Star Hearts Book 1) by Amity Cross

  • Rockstar-Sinners-Forbidden-Chords-Book-2-by-Ja'Nese-Dixon

    Rockstar Sinners (Forbidden Chords Book 2) by Ja'Nese Dixon

  • Here-Comes-Trouble-Rob-&-Sabrina’s-Story-by-Selena-Kitt

    Here Comes Trouble: Rob & Sabrina’s Story by Selena Kitt

  • Anything-You-Need-Cataclysm-Book-1-by-Jerica-MacMillan

    Anything You Need (Cataclysm Book 1) by Jerica MacMillan

  • Forgotten-Hunger-by-Anjalee-Scott

    Forgotten Hunger by Anjalee Scott

  • Beautiful-Devil-The-Rockstar-Duet-Book-1-by-Sharlyn-G-Branson

    Beautiful Devil: The Rockstar Duet (Book 1) by Sharlyn G. Branson

  • Ashes-&-Embers-Series-Collection-Books-1-to-4-by-Carian-Cole

    Ashes & Embers Series Collection (Books 1 to 4) by Carian Cole

  • Altered-Chords-Untamed-Rockstar-by-Kristen-Echo

    Altered Chords (Untamed Rockstar) by Kristen Echo

  • Cold-Hard-&-Heartless-A-Rock-Star-Romance-Heartless-Few-Book-2-by-MV-Ellis

    Cold, Hard, & Heartless: A Rock Star Romance (Heartless Few Book 2) by MV Ellis

  • All-That-Doesn't-by-Tracy-Krimmer

    All That Doesn't by Tracy Krimmer

  • Light-Beyond-The-Dark-by-E-M-Leya-

    Light Beyond The Dark by E.M. Leya

  • Chase-the-Dream-Redfall-Dream-Series-Book-3-by-BB-Miller

    Chase the Dream: (Redfall Dream Series Book 3) by BB Miller

  • Eternally-Wild-by-Cherié-Summers

    Eternally Wild by Cherié Summers

  • Listen-to-Me-Book-One-Hill-Country-Love-1-by-Amy-B-Wells

    Listen to Me (Book One Hill Country Love 1) by Amy B. Wells

  • 	Until-You-Came-Along-The-Oliver-Boys-Band-Series-Book-One-Rose-Bak

    Until You Came Along: The Oliver Boys Band Series Book One by Rose Bak

  • 	I-Thought-I-Knew-You-Prelude-Series-Part-Four-Meg-Buchanan

    I Thought I Knew You: Prelude Series - Part Four by Meg Buchanan

  • 	Seven-Minutes-'til-Midnight-Sunniva-Dee

    Seven Minutes 'til Midnight by Sunniva Dee

  • 	Her-Two-Men-in-Tahiti-An-MMF-Bisexual-Menage-Romance-Total-Indulgence-Book-2-Dana-Delamar

    Her Two Men in Tahiti: An MMF Bisexual Menage Romance (Total Indulgence Book 2) by Dana Delamar

  • 	Daisies-&-Devin-Kelsey-Kingsley

    Daisies & Devin by Kelsey Kingsley

  • 	Dear-Rockstar-by-Selena-Kitt

    Dear Rockstar by Selena Kitt

  • 	Love-Desired-Rock-N-Roll-Heiress-Book-1-Kelli-McCracken

    Love Desired (Rock N Roll Heiress Book 1) by Kelli McCracken

  • 	The-Ties-That-Bind-The-Ties-That-Bind-Saga-Book-1-Heather-O'Brien

    The Ties That Bind (The Ties That Bind Saga Book 1) by Heather O'Brien



  • 	Rock-Revenge-Rockstar-Romantic-Suspense-Rock-Revenge-Trilogy-Book-1-by-Cari-Quinn

    Rock Revenge: Rockstar Romantic Suspense (Rock Revenge Trilogy Book 1) by Cari Quinn

  • 	reputation-Dr-Rebecca-Sharp

    reputation by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

  • 	Hinder-An-Off-Track-Records-Novel-Kacey-Shea

    Hinder (An Off Track Records Novel) by Kacey Shea

  • 	Razor's-Edge-A-Werewolf-Romance-Rosalie-Stanton

    Razor's Edge: A Werewolf Romance by Rosalie Stanton

  • 	Heiress-vs-Rockstar-Love-in-Illyria-Book-4-by-Adalind-White

    Heiress vs Rockstar (Love in Illyria Book 4) by Adalind White

  • Hidden-Fragile-Web-1-Mychael-Black

    Hidden (Fragile Web 1) by Mychael Black

  • Guardian-Angel-Wilder-Irish-Mari-Carr

    Guardian Angel (Wilder Irish) by Mari Carr

  • Keeping-the-Beat-Avery-Duncan

    Keeping the Beat by Avery Duncan

  • Twisted-Fate-The-Kendrick-Chronicles-Book-1-K-A-Grayson

    Twisted Fate (The Kendrick Chronicles: Book 1) by K.A. Grayson

  • Hating-the-Rock-Star-B-B-Hamel

    Hating the Rock Star by B. B. Hamel

  • Rock-F*ck-Club-A-Postseason-One-Novella-Michelle-Mankin

    Rock F*ck Club: A Postseason One Novella by Michelle Mankin

  • Sex-&-The-Single-Dad-Single-Dad-Club-Book-3-Emma-Nichols

    Sex & The Single Dad (Single Dad Club Book 3) by Emma Nichols

  • Many-Sounds-of-Silence-Seattle-Sound-Series-Book-4-Alexa-Padgett

    Many Sounds of Silence (Seattle Sound Series Book 4) by Alexa Padgett

  • Rock-My-Night-Night-Games-Book-2-Peter-Presley

    Rock My Night (Night Games Book 2) by Peter Presley

  • Unseen-Heart-Part-One-I-Saw-You-Elena-M-Reyes

    Unseen Heart (Part One) (I Saw You) by Elena M. Reyes

  • Rockstar-vs-Heiress-Love-in-Illyria-Book-3-Adalind-White

    Rockstar vs Heiress (Love in Illyria Book 3) by Adalind White

  • As-Dust-Dances-Samantha-Young

    As Dust Dances by Samantha Young

  • A-Twist-of-Love-A-Rock-Star-Romance-Adrenaline-Book-2-Calinda-B

    A Twist of Love: A Rock Star Romance (Adrenaline Book 2) by Calinda B

  • Crazy-Love-A-Rock-Star-Romance-Adrenaline-Book-1-Calinda-B

    Crazy Love: A Rock Star Romance (Adrenaline Book 1) by Calinda B

  • Saving-Him-Sweet-Country-Hearts-Book-1-Amanda-Baxton

    Saving Him (Sweet Country Hearts Book 1) by Amanda Baxton

  • Bearing-The-Rock-Star-A-Paranormal-Shifter-Romance-Emma-James

    Bearing The Rock Star: A Paranormal Shifter Romance by Emma James

  • RIPPED-The-Price-of-Loyalty-Tania-Joyce-

    RIPPED - The Price of Loyalty by Tania Joyce

  • The-Illusion-Series-The-Complete-Trilogy-D-Kelly

    The Illusion Series - The Complete Trilogy by D. Kelly

  • Just-a-Touch-Tabatha-Kiss

    Just a Touch by Tabatha Kiss

  • Sticks-Music-&-Lyrics-Book-4-Emma-Lea

    Sticks: Music & Lyrics Book 4 by Emma Lea

  • The-New-Hire-A-Billionaire-Virgin-Romance-Sage-Rae

    The New Hire :: A Billionaire Virgin Romance by Sage Rae

  • RockStar-Cafe-Shandell-A-Reis

    RockStar Cafe by Shandell A. Reis

  • Piper-A-Last-Score-Spin-Off-K-L-Shandwick

    Piper: A Last Score Spin Off by K.L. Shandwick

  • 	A-Little-Bit-Like-Desire-South-Haven-Book-2-Brooke-Blaine

    A Little Bit Like Desire (South Haven Book 2) by Brooke Blaine

  • 	Broken-Road-Limelight-Series-Book-1-Piper-Davenport

    Broken Road (Limelight Series Book 1) by Piper Davenport

  • 	Rock-Free-Rock-Candy-Book-6-Virna-DePaul

    Rock Free (Rock Candy Book 6) by Virna DePaul

  • 	Perfect-Imperfections-Kat-Halstead

    Perfect Imperfections by Kat Halstead

  • 	Lost-Boys-Ken-Riley-Knight

    Lost Boys: Ken by Riley Knight

  • 	Downbeat-Lightning-Strikes-Book-4-Jodie-Larson

    Downbeat (Lightning Strikes Book 4) by Jodie Larson

  • 	Break-An-Cassia-Leo

    Break by Cassia Leo

  • 	Starmaker-Paige-Quinn

    Starmaker by Paige Quinn

  • 	Troublemaker-Billionaires-of-White-Oaks-Series-Lizabeth-Scott

    Troublemaker: (Billionaires of White Oaks Series) by Lizabeth Scott

  • That-One-Night-A-Fake-Marriage-Romance-Amy-Brent

    That One Night A Fake Marriage Romance by Amy Brent

  • Mr-Twang-A-Fake-Relationship-Romance-Kelli-Callahan

    Mr. Twang A Fake Relationship Romance by Kelli Callahan

  • You-Rock-Me-Coopers-Religion-Book-1-Allie-Faye

    You Rock Me Cooper's Religion Book 1 by Allie Faye

  • The-Naked-Desire-A-Rockstar-Romance-Mariyam-Hasnain

    The Naked Desire A Rockstar Romance by Mariyam Hasnain

  • Hearts-Collide-Angel-Fire-Rock-Romance-Series-Book-4-Ellie-Masters

    Hearts Collide Angel Fire Rock Romance Series Book 4 by Ellie Masters

  • Grasping-Chords-Black-Heart-Series-Book-6-Fay-Michaels

    Grasping Chords Black Heart Series Book 6 by Fay Michaels

  • Billionaire-A-Buxton-Peak-Clean-Romance-Julie-L-Spencer

    Billionaire A Buxton Peak Clean Romance by Julie L. Spencer

  • Becks-A-Rockstar-Romance-Thia-Finn

    Becks, A Rockstar Romance by Thia Finn

  • Starla's-Christmas-Conundrum-Carol-E-Keen

    Starla's Christmas Conundrum by Carol E. Keen

  • Discovering-You-Indigo-Book-1--Kate-McBrien

    Discovering You (Indigo Book 1) by Kate McBrien

  • Joanna's-Destiny-The-Decade-Series-Book-3--Karen-J-Mossman

    Joanna's Destiny (The Decade Series Book 3) by Karen J Mossman

  • Lie-to-Me-Rising-Star-Book-1--Lee-Piper

    Lie to Me (Rising Star Book 1) by Lee Piper

  • Consume-Civil-Corruption-Book-3--Jessica-Prince

    Consume (Civil Corruption Book 3) by Jessica Prince

  • Resisting-the-Rock-Star-Megan-Slayer

    Resisting the Rock Star by Megan Slayer

  • Dare-to-Love-Iron-Rogue-Book-1--Sandy-Sullivan

    Dare to Love (Iron Rogue Book 1) by Sandy Sullivan

  • Bad-Rules-A-Wild-Minds-Novel--Charlotte-West

    Bad Rules (A Wild Minds Novel) by Charlotte West

  •  3000-Miles-to-Love-Standstone-Series-Book-1-Kelly-Beckwith

    3000 Miles to Love (Standstone Series Book 1) by Kelly Beckwith

  •  Dirty-Rock-Star-Sky-Corgan

    Dirty Rock Star by Sky Corgan

  •  Incognito-Siobhan-Davis

    Incognito by Siobhan Davis

  •  Deep-End-Deep-Blue-Trilogy-Kathleen-Duhamel

    Deep End (Deep Blue Trilogy) by Kathleen Duhamel

  •  Where-There's-a-Will-M-B-Feeney

    Where There's a Will... by M. B. Feeney

  •  Missez-Wild-Irish-Silence-Book-4-Sherryl-Hancock

    Missez (Wild Irish Silence Book 4) by Sherryl Hancock

  •  Insatiable-Sex-Love-and-Rock-&-Roll-Book-3-Michelle-Hazen

    Insatiable (Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll Book 3) by Michelle Hazen

  •  Iron-Paradox-Iron-Fist-Trilogy-Book-2-Zana-King

    Iron Paradox (Iron Fist Trilogy Book 2) by Zana King

  •  Rocking-Perfection-Reckless-Release-Book-3-Cassandra-Lawson

    Rocking Perfection (Reckless Release Book 3) by Cassandra Lawson

  •  Music-&-Lyrics-The-Compilation-Includes-Rock-Star-book-1-and-Songbird-book-2-Emma-Lea

    Music & Lyrics - The Compilation: Includes Rock Star (book 1) and Songbird (book 2) by Emma Lea

  •  Through-the-Static-A-Rockstar-Romance-Jaime-Loughran

    Through the Static: A Rockstar Romance by Jaime Loughran

  •  Steele-A-Standalone-Rock-Star-Romance-The-Hysterics-Book-4-Kristen-Hope-Mazzola

    Steele: A Standalone Rock Star Romance (The Hysterics Book 4) by Kristen Hope Mazzola

  •  Play-it-by-Ear-Replay-Book-2-KM-Neuhold

    Play it by Ear (Replay Book 2) by K.M. Neuhold

  •  Dark-Dream-Love-in-Illyria-Book-1-Adalind-White

    Dark Dream (Love in Illyria Book 1) by Adalind White

  •  Rock-God-A-Rockstar-Romance-Alex-Wolf

    Rock God: A Rockstar Romance by Alex Wolf

  • Faster-Deana-Birch

    Faster by Deana Birch

  • My-Best-Friend's-Ex-Amy-Brent

    My Best Friend's Ex by Amy Brent

  • The-Choices-We-Make-Relentless-Book-4-Barbara-C-Doyle

    The Choices We Make (Relentless Book 4) by Barbara C. Doyle

  • Rockaway-Bride-Pippa Grant

    Rockaway Bride by Pippa Grant

  • Intentional-MK-Harkins

    Intentional (Intentional Series Book 1) by MK Harkins

  • Unintentional-MK-Harkins

    Unintentional (Intentional Series Book 2) by MK Harkins

  • Coming-Unplugged-Welcome-to-Carson-Book-6-Renee-Harless

    Coming Unplugged (Welcome to Carson Book 6) by Renee Harless

  • Loving-his-ANGEL-Megan-Hetherington

    Loving his ANGEL by Megan Hetherington

  • I-Found-You-Erica-Marselas

    I Found You by Erica Marselas

  • Captivating-Melody-Discord's-Desire-Book-1-Katherine-McIntyre

    Captivating Melody (Discord's Desire Book 1) by Katherine McIntyre

  • Between-Breaths-Seattle-Sound-Series-Book-2-Alexa-Padgett

    Between Breaths (Seattle Sound Series Book 2) by Alexa Padgett

  • Resurrection-a-ROCK-SOLID-romance-Karina-Bliss

    Resurrection: a ROCK SOLID romance by Karina Bliss

  • Hitz-Wild-Irish-Silence-Book-3-Sherryl-Hancock

    Hitz (Wild Irish Silence Book 3) by Sherryl Hancock



  • Becoming-Hysteric-The-Hysterics-Book-3-Kristen-Hope-Mazzola

    Becoming Hysteric (The Hysterics Book 3) by Kristen Hope Mazzola

  • Wilde-Freak-Rock-Stars-on-Tour-Book-4-Candy-J-Starr

    Wilde Freak (Rock Stars on Tour Book 4) by Candy J Starr

  • HURRIKAINE-Part-1-Briarwood-Series-Kew-Townsend

    HURRIKAINE (Part 1) Briarwood Series by Kew Townsend



  • Illicit-Behavior-A-Bad-Boy-Rockstar-Romance-Nikki-Wild

    Illicit Behavior: A Bad Boy Rockstar Romance by Nikki Wild

  • Jennifer's-Dream-Love-in-South-Africa-Book-8-Ashley-Winter

    Jennifer's Dream (Love in South Africa Book 8) by Ashley Winter

  • Tempting-Beat-Hearts-of-Metal-Book-6-Brooklyn-Ann

    Tempting Beat (Hearts of Metal Book 6) by Brooklyn Ann

  • Leaving-to-Stay-Baby-Fever-Book-1-Nicole-Casey

    Leaving to Stay (Baby Fever Book 1) by Nicole Casey

  • All-This-Time-Sweet-Sins-Series-Kathy-Coopmans

    All This Time (Sweet Sins Series) by Kathy Coopmans

  • Encore-Rock-Star-Duet-Book-2-Rachel-Lacey

    Encore (Rock Star Duet Book 2) by Rachel Lacey

  • Sugar-Ink-Serenade-Hot-Wired-4-Rocker-Romance-Gracen-Miller

    Sugar Ink Serenade (Hot Wired #4 - Rocker Romance) by Gracen Miller

  • Sweet-Solace-Seattle-Sound-Series-Book-1-Alexa-Padgett

    Sweet Solace (Seattle Sound Series Book 1) by Alexa Padgett

  • Thrown-Off-Track-License-to-Love-Book-1-Tamsen-Parker

    Thrown Off Track (License to Love Book 1) by Tamsen Parker

  • The-Ransome-Brothers-A-Ransom-Novel-Rachel-Schurig

    The Ransome Brothers: A Ransom Novel by Rachel Schurig

  • Only-for-the-Moment-If-Only-Book-3-Ella-Sheridan

    Only for the Moment (If Only Book 3) by Ella Sheridan

  • Say-You-Want-Me-Full-Moon-Book-1-Stefanie-Van-Mol

    Say You Want Me (Full Moon Book 1) by Stefanie Van Mol

  • Rock-Bottom-The-Handler-Series-Book-1-Angie-M-Brashears

    Rock Bottom (The Handler Series Book 1) by Angie M. Brashears

  • Highly-Strung-Prelude-Series-Part-Three-Meg-Buchanan

    Highly Strung: Prelude Series - Part Three by Meg Buchanan

  • Blaze-Underground-Encounters-Book-6-Lisa-Carlisle

    Blaze: a gargoyle shifter rockstar romance (Underground Encounters Book 6) by Lisa Carlisle

  • Wild-Hearts-A-Second-Chance-Gay-Romance-Stone's-Throw-Book-3-Kacey-Clarke

    Wild Hearts: A Second Chance Gay Romance (Stone's Throw Book 3) by Kacey Clarke

  • The-Stage-A-Radical-Rock-Stars-Novella-Jenna-Galicki

    The Stage: A Radical Rock Stars Novella by Jenna Galicki

  • Misadventures-with-a-Rock-Star-Misadventures-Book-12-Helen-Hardt

    Misadventures with a Rock Star (Misadventures Book 12) by Helen Hardt

  • His-Whiskey-Sour-A-Rock-Star-Romance-The-Cocktail-Girls-Kim-Loraine

    His Whiskey Sour: A Rock Star Romance (The Cocktail Girls) by Kim Loraine

  • Broken-The-Guitar-Face-Series-Book-1-Sasha-Marshall

    Broken (The Guitar Face Series Book 1) by Sasha Marshall

  • Heart's-Desire-Angel-Fire-Rock-Romance-Series-Book-3-Ellie-Masters

    Heart's Desire: an Angel Fire Rock Romance (Angel Fire Rock Romance Series Book 3) by Ellie Masters

  • Shining-Star-C-Miles

    Shining Star by C. Miles

  • One-More-Night-3-Backstage-Pass-3-Ali-Parker

    One More Night #3: Backstage Pass #3 by Ali Parker

  • One-More-Night-2-Backstage-Pass-Series-2-Ali-Parker

    One More Night #2: Backstage Pass Series #2 by Ali Parker

  • Rock-Star-Dominates-The-CEO-Eleanore-Ridley

    Rock Star Dominates The CEO: (A sexy tryst with an alpha male musician) by Eleanore Ridley

  • Harmony-Hard-Rocked-Series-Book-2-Lexy-Timms

    Harmony: Rock Star Sweet & Steamy Romance (Hard Rocked Series Book 2) by Lexy Timms

  • Endless-Love-Lauren-Trevino

    Endless Love by Lauren Trevino

  • Leave-it-All-Behind-S-I-N-Rock-Star-Trilogy-Book-3-S-R-Watson

    Leave it All Behind (S.I.N. Rock Star Trilogy - Book 3) by S.R. Watson

  • Cross-Courting-Chaos-Book-1-Heather-Young-Nichols

    Cross (Courting Chaos Book 1) by Heather Young-Nichols

  • Slave-Submission-Rocco-Barnhardt

    Slave Submission: What it takes to be a Rockstar by Rocco Barnhardt

  • Professor's-Kiss-A-Second-Chance-Bully-Romance-Irish-Kiss-Book-2-Sienna-Blake

    Professor's Kiss: A Second Chance Bully Romance. (Irish Kiss Book 2) by Sienna Blake

  • What-I-Never-Knew-Jackson-Falls-Book-8-Laurie-Breton

    What I Never Knew: Jackson Falls Book 8 by Laurie Breton

  • Never-Change-Faithfully-Yours-Book-3-Anne-Carol

    Never Change (Faithfully Yours Book 3) by Anne Carol

  • Looking-For-Trouble-Rogue-Series-Book-5-Lara-Ward-Cosio

    Looking For Trouble (Rogue Series Book 5) by Lara Ward Cosio

  • Dirty-Like-Seth-A-Dirty-Rockstar-Romance-Dirty-Book-3-Jaine-Diamond

    Dirty Like Seth: A Dirty Rockstar Romance (Dirty Book 3) by Jaine Diamond

  • Midlife-Crisis-another-romance-for-the-over-40-LB-Dunbar

    Midlife Crisis: another romance for the over 40 by L.B. Dunbar

  • Love-is-Madness-Elisabeth

    Love is Madness by Elisabeth

  • The-Dive-Bar-Rockstar-Lindsay-Knickson

    The Dive Bar Rockstar by Lindsay Knickson

  • Lost-Boys-Lance-Riley-Knight

    Lost Boys: Lance by Riley Knight

  • Lovestruck-Rock-Goddess-Reverse-Harem-Book-1-Romy-Lockhart

    Lovestruck (Rock Goddess Reverse Harem Book 1) by Romy Lockhart

  • Counterpoint-and-Harmony-Songs-and-Sonatas-Book-5-Jerica-MacMillan

    Counterpoint and Harmony (Songs and Sonatas Book 5) by Jerica MacMillan

  • Xander-Part-2-The-Present-Rockstar-Book-14-Anne-Mercier

    Xander: Part 2 The Present (Rockstar Book 14) by Anne Mercier

  • Face-the-Music-Replay-Book-1-KM-Neuhold

    Face the Music (Replay Book 1) by K.M. Neuhold

  • My-Beating-Hart-A-Vampire-Rockstar-Reverse-Harem-Romance-Beating-Hart-Series-Book-2-JL-Ostle

    My Beating Hart: A Vampire Rockstar Reverse Harem Romance (Beating Hart Series Book 2) by J.L. Ostle

  • Talk-Nerdy-To-Me-The-Sterling-Shore-Series-Book-12-CM-Owens

    Talk Nerdy To Me (The Sterling Shore Series Book 12) by C.M. Owens

  • Riven-Roan-Parrish

    Riven by Roan Parrish

  • A-Night-With-The-Hitchhiker-A-steamy-MF-tale-with-a-stranger-Eleanore-Ridley

    A Night With The Hitchhiker: (A steamy MF tale with a stranger) by Eleanore Ridley

  • Your-Rhythm-Sherbrooke-Station-Book-1-Katia-Rose

    Your Rhythm (Sherbrooke Station Book 1) by Katia Rose

  • Love-by-Midnight-The-Harringtons-Book-5-MacKenzie-Shaw

    Love by Midnight (The Harringtons Book 5) by MacKenzie Shaw

  • Driving-Tempo-House-of-Archer-Book-3-Raine-Thomas

    Driving Tempo (House of Archer Book 3) by Raine Thomas

  • Mourning-Glory-Tara-Vanflower

    Mourning Glory by Tara Vanflower

  • Serendipity-Chasing-The-Dream-Book-2-Ashlee-Winston

    Serendipity (Chasing The Dream Book 2) by Ashlee Winston

  • Rock-Hard-BAD-Alpha-Dads-Abbie-Zanders

    Rock Hard: BAD Alpha Dads by Abbie Zanders

  • Rock-and-Roll-(The-Rosewoods-Rock-Star-Series)-Katrina-Abbott

    Rock and Roll: The Complete Rosewoods Rock Star Series Books 1-4 by Katrina Abbott

  • F*cked-Rock-Star-Romance-Amy-Faye

    F*cked: Rock Star Romance by Amy Faye

  • Charcoal-Notes-Grace-Harper

    Charcoal Notes (Red & Black Series Book 1) by Grace Harper

  • THIS-LOVE-Forever-Grace-Harper

    THIS LOVE Forever (Brodie Series Book 3) by Grace Harper

  • THIS-LOVE-Always-Grace-Harper

    THIS LOVE Always (Brodie Series Book 2) by Grace Harper

  • THIS-LOVE-Grace-Harper

    THIS LOVE (Brodie Series Book 1) by Grace Harper

  • Down-Beat-Max-Henry

    Down Beat (Dark Tide Book 1) by Max Henry

  • Steady-Bass-Laura-Kitchell

    Steady Bass (FlameSmith in Love Book 4) by Laura Kitchell

  • Say-Yes-Amelia-Mae

    Say Yes: Ian: Say Yes Series Book One by Amelia Mae

  • Suspended-Zoey-Oliver

    Suspended: A Bad Boy Rockstar Romance by Zoey Oliver

  • My-One-and-Only-Weston-Parker

    My One and Only: A Bad Boy Secret Baby Second Chance Romance by Weston Parker

  • Buxton-Peak-London-Bridges-Julie-Spencer

    Buxton Peak: London Bridges by Julie Spencer

  • Heartbreakers-Caitlyn-Willows

    Heartbreakers by Caitlyn Willows

  • Pregnant-Rock-Star-Omega-Dex-Bass

    Pregnant Rock Star Omega (Omegaverse Book 1) by Dex Bass

  • My-One-Regret-Claudia-Burgoa

    My One Regret by Claudia Burgoa

  • The-Rock-Stars-Prince-Merry-Farmer

    The Rock Star's Prince (The Royal Wedding Book 2) by Merry Farmer

  • Tie-Me-Down-Michelle-Hazen

    Tie Me Down: (Sex, Love and Rock & Roll Book 2.5) by Michelle Hazen

  • Falling-for-his-ANGEL-Megan-Hetherington

    Falling for his ANGEL by Megan Hetherington

  • Rogue-Hearts-Tamsen-Parker

    Rogue Hearts (The Rogue Series Book 4) by Tamsen Parker

  • He-Likes-To-Watch-Eleanore-Ridley

    He Likes To Watch by Eleanore Ridley

  • Hard-Freak-Candy-J-Starr

    Hard Freak (Rock Stars on Tour Book 3) by Candy J Starr

  • A-Dirty-Wedding-Night-Jaine-Diamond

    A Dirty Wedding Night (Dirty, Book 2.5) by Jaine Diamond

  • Blue-Phoenix-Rock-Star-Box-Set-Lisa-Swallow

    Blue Phoenix Rock Star Box Set (Books 1-3) by Lisa Swallow

  • Silent-Song-Ren-Benton

    Silent Song by Ren Benton

  • Lennon-Reborn-Scarlett-Cole

    Lennon Reborn: A steamy emotional rockstar romance (Preload Book 4) by Scarlett Cole

  • The-Rock-Star's-Prince-Merry-Farmer

    The Rock Star's Prince (The Royal Wedding Book 2) by Merry Farmer

  • My-3-Rockstar-Bosses-by-Katie-Ford

    My 3 Rockstar Bosses: An MFMM Menage Romance by Katie Ford

  • Unfaded-Julie-Johnson

    Unfaded (Faded Duet Book 2) by Julie Johnson

  • Carnage-Box-Set-Lesley-Jones

    Carnage. The Story Of Us. The Story Of Me Box Set by Lesley Jones

  • Unwritten-Rachel-Lacey

    Unwritten (Rock Star Duet Book 1) by Rachel Lacey

  • Soft-Wild-Ache-Vivian-Lux

    Soft Wild Ache: A Small Town Rockstar Romance (Kings of Crown Creek Book 3) by Vivian Lux

  • Lyric-Molly-McAdams

    Lyric (Rebel Book 1) by Molly McAdams

  • Defile-Jessica-Prince

    Defile (Civil Corruption Book 2) by Jessica Prince

  • FORGOTTEN-Kew-Townsend

    FORGOTTEN (Part 1) Briarwood Series - Affairs of the Heart by Kew Townsend

  • Viva-Las-Vegas-Ember-Raine-Winters

    Viva Las Vegas (Las Vegas Nights Book 3) by Ember-Raine Winters

  • Sway-Alana-Albertson

    Sway (Dance with Me Book 2) by Alana Albertson

  • Indulgence-Mattie-Bowman

    Indulgence by Mattie Bowman

  • Ashes-Charlotte-Casey

    Ashes (Rusted and Reckless Book 4) by Charlotte Casey

  • Whiskey-River-Rockstar-Justine-Davis

    Whiskey River Rockstar (Whiskey River series Book 3) by Justine Davis

  • Broken-Chords-Jerica-MacMillan

    Broken Chords (Songs and Sonatas Book 4) by Jerica MacMillan

  • Sanctuary-LP-Maxa

    Sanctuary (RiffRaff Records Book 5) by L.P. Maxa

  • The-Infinite-Something-Christine-Michelle

    The Infinite Something (T.I.E. Book 1) by Christine Michelle & Christine M. Butler

  • Dirty-Twenties-The-Bassist-Wednesday-Noir

    Dirty Twenties: The Bassist by Wednesday Noir

  • Groupies-Lexie-Renard

    Groupies - Rockstar Secrets by Lexie Renard

  • Lithium-Tides-Carmel-Rhodes

    Lithium Tides: A Lithium Springs Novel by Carmel Rhodes

  • The-Invisible-Thread-Lisa-Suzanne

    The Invisible Thread (The Unbreakable Thread Book 2) by Lisa Suzanne

  • Rocking-Serene-Joanna-Alonzo

    Rocking Serene: A Christian Rock Star Romance by Joanna Alonzo

  • Knights-of-Stone-Lisa-Carlisle

    Knights of Stone (Boxed Set 1) by Lisa Carlisle

  • Legend-A-Rockstar-Romance-Ellie-Danes

    Legend: A Rockstar Romance by Ellie Danes

  • Without-You-Survivor-Series-Book-2-Emilia-Finn

    Without You (Survivor Series Book 2) by Emilia Finn

  • Words-&-Music-Devon-Harper

    Words & Music by Devon Harper

  • Dirty-Twenties-The-Drummer-Wednesday-Noir

    Dirty Twenties: The Drummer by Wednesday Noir

  • The-Luminous-Rock-Series-Box-Set-K-E-Osborn

    The Luminous Rock Series Box Set by K E Osborn

  • Protecting-His-Rockstar-Deuces-Wild-Taryn-Quinn

    Protecting His Rockstar (Deuces Wild Book 1) by Taryn Quinn

  • Black-and-White-Black-Star-Security-Cynthia-Rayne

    Black and White: Black Star Security by Cynthia Rayne

  • Whirlwind-JV-Speyer

    Whirlwind by J.V. Speyer

  • Hard-Rock-Crush-Athena-Wright

    Hard Rock Crush by Athena Wright

  • Ignite-Lara-Wynter

    Ignite: A clean rock star romance (The Band Book 2) by Lara Wynter

  • Notorious-Jennifer-Ann

    Notorious (Rock Bottom #2) by Jennifer Ann

  • Song-for-Jess-Meg-Buchanan

    Song for Jess: Prelude Series - Part Two by Meg Buchanan

  • Housekeeping-Summer-Cooper

    Housekeeping by Summer Cooper

  • STAR-BB-Easton

    STAR (A 44 Chapters Novel) by BB Easton

  • When-a-Star-Falls-Rachael-Eliker

    When a Star Falls (Stars Book 1) by Rachael Eliker

  • Return-to-Me-Renee-Fowler

    Return to Me (Breaking Free Book 2) by Renee Fowler

  • Yours-to-Love-Bad-Boys-and-Bands-Adele-Hart

    Yours to Love: Bad Boys and Bands by Adele Hart

  • Chasing-Charlotte-Marissa-T-Nolan

    Chasing Charlotte by Marissa T. Nolan

  • The-Curtis-Reincarnation-Zathyn-Priest

    The Curtis Reincarnation by Zathyn Priest

  • Her-Intended-Dragon-Suzanne-Roslyn

    Her Intended Dragon: Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance (Dragons of Giresun Book 4) by Suzanne Roslyn

  • Love-Notes-Michelle-Windsor

    Love Notes by Michelle Windsor

  • Maxen-Kinky-Shine-Stephanie-Witter

    Maxen (Kinky Shine Book 2) by Stephanie Witter

  • Rock-Chick-Reborn-by-Kristen-Ashley

    Rock Chick Reborn by Kristen Ashley

  • Rocked-in-Oblivion-by-Cari-Quinn-and-Taryn-Elliott

    Rocked in Oblivion by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott

  • Cashmere-Wilderlands-by-Jewel-Geffen

    Cashmere Wilderlands by Jewel Geffen

  • Licks-by-Kelly-Siskind

    Licks by Kelly Siskind

  • Her-Shifter's-Big-Secret-by-Haley-Jacobs

    Her Shifter's Big Secret (The Lone Pine Lodge Book 4) by Haley Jacobs

  • Syncopation-by-Anna-Zabo

    Syncopation (Twisted Wishes) by Anna Zabo

  • From-Coals-to-Flame-by-Leo-Hazelwood

    From Coals to Flame by Leo Hazelwood

  • Her-Hidden-Dragon-by-Suzanne-Roslyn

    Her Hidden Dragon (Dragons of Giresun Book 3) by Suzanne Roslyn

  • Thrilling-Ethan-by-Anna-Paige

    Thrilling Ethan by Anna Paige

  • Faded-by-Julie-Johnson

    Faded (Faded Duet Book 1) by Julie Johnson

  • Surrendering-to-the-Bodyguard-by-Asha-Daniels

    Surrendering to the Bodyguard by Asha Daniels

  • Addicted-by-Zoey-Oliver

    Addicted by Zoey Oliver

  • Redemption-by-Emily Bishop

    Redemption by Emily Bishop

  • Guarding Mason-by-Hayden West

    Guarding Mason by Hayden West

  • Neon-Nights-by-Bryony-Kayn

    Neon Nights (Against the Odds Book 1) by Bryony Kayn

  • Jake-The-Kellers-of-Beaumont-Falls-Book-2-Mira-Brooks

    Jake (The Kellers of Beaumont Falls Book 2) by Mira Brooks

  • Nothing-Like-This-Karah-Brooks

    Nothing Like This by Karah Brooks

  • She-Wolf-Rock-Shifter-Fairytales-Book-3-Lashell-Collins

    She Wolf (Rock Shifter Fairytales Book 3) by Lashell Collins

  • Savannah-James-Pendale-High-Class-of-87-Candi-Fox

    Savannah James: Pendale High Class of 87' by Candi Fox

  • Hot-Pursuit-Rebecca-Freeborn

    Hot Pursuit by Rebecca Freeborn

  • BANGING-CADE-Completely-Rocked-Book-2-Jessalyn-Jameson

    BANGING CADE (Completely Rocked Book 2) by Jessalyn Jameson

  • Duncans-Treasure-Rock-Star-Husbands-Book-2-Emily-Josephine

    Duncan's Treasure (Rock Star Husbands Book 2) by Emily Josephine

  • Scratch-Track-Escaping-Indigo-Book-3-Eli-Lang

    Scratch Track (Escaping Indigo Book 3) by Eli Lang

  • WRECKAGE-The-Complete-Rockstar-Romance-Series-Vivian-Lux

    WRECKAGE: The Complete Rockstar Romance Series by Vivian Lux

  • Missing-Country-Jesse-s-Girl-Book-4-Kandice-Michelle-Young

    Missing Country (Jesse's Girl Book 4) by Kandice Michelle Young

  • Pulling-Her-Strings-Roxie-Wilde

    Pulling Her Strings by Roxie Wilde

  • Infamous-Jenny-Holiday

    Infamous by Jenny Holiday

  • Rocked-Harder-Zoe-Michaelson

    Rocked Harder by Zoe Michaelson

  • A-Rockstar-in-Her-Bed-C-Tyler

    A Rockstar in Her Bed by C. Tyler

  • A-Face-in-the-Crowd-Adriana-Peck

    A Face in the Crowd by Adriana Peck

  • Black-Gold-2-Double-Black-Clancy-Nacht

    Black Gold 2: Double Black by Clancy Nacht

  • Sky-High-Rock-Bottom-Josephine-Traynor

    Sky High: Rock Bottom by Josephine Traynor

  • Embracing-the-Wild-DV-Williams

    Embracing the Wild (Tigers Book 2) by D.V. Williams

  • Hide-and-Seek-Nicole-S-Goodin

    Hide and Seek: A Rock Games Novel by Nicole S. Goodin

  • Sex-Drugs-and-Vampires-James-Straka

    Sex, Drugs, and Vampires by James Straka

  • Wrong-Kiss-Lexi-Aurora

    Wrong Kiss by Lexi Aurora

  • Play-it-Hard-Roux-Sinclair

    Play it Hard by Roux Sinclair

  • The-Allison-Sinclair-Collection-Allison-Sinclair

    The Allison Sinclair Collection by Allison Sinclair

  • Her-Dragons-Treasure-Suzanne-Roslyn-

    Her Dragon's Treasure by Suzanne Roslyn

  • Together-Apart-Be-Careful-What-You-Wish-For-Susan-Stephens

    Together Apart by Susan Stephens

  • In-the-Fast-Lane-Sherryl-Hancock

    In the Fast Lane (Wild Irish Silence Book 2) by Sherryl Hancock

  • Sex-Freak-Candy-J-Starr

    Sex Freak (Rock Stars on Tour Book 2) by Candy J Starr

  • Unpredictable-Talia-Carmichael

    Unpredictable (Something in Common NY Book 1) by Talia Carmichael

  • The-Power-to-Break-Lisa-Suzanne

    The Power to Break (The Unbreakable Thread Book 1) by Lisa Suzanne

  • Do-Re-Mi-by-AD-Herrick

    Do Re Mi by A. D. Herrick

  • The-Ransom-Series-Rachel-Schurig

    The Ransom Series: Books1-3 by Rachel Schurig

  • Rainbow-Dreams-CL-Rowell

    Rainbow Dreams (Rock & Roll Girls trilogy Book 3) by CL Rowell

  • Rock-My-World-Lex-Valentine

    Rock My World by Lex Valentine

  • Heavy-Metal-Lust-by-Victoria-Blisse

    Heavy Metal Lust by Victoria Blisse

  • Repo-Girl-by-Jane-Fenton

    Repo Girl by Jane Fenton

  • Wild-Irish-Wilder-Mind-Taryn-Quinn

    Wild Irish: Wilder Mind (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Taryn Quinn

  • Dark-Notes-Evangeline-Fox

    Dark Notes: Irresistible Rock Star (The Dream Men Book 3) by Evangeline Fox

  • Where-There's-Smoke-Kathy-Coopmans

    Where There's Smoke (Sweet Sin Book 2) by Kathy Coopmans

  • Pivot-Line-by-Rebel-Farris

    Pivot Line (Falling Small Duet Book 2) by Rebel Farris

  • Outrageous-by-Jennifer-Ann

    Outrageous: Rock Bottom #0.5 by Jennifer Ann

  • Desired-by-Kathy-Love

    Desired (Starstruck) by Kathy Love

  • Whiskey-Lullaby-by-Stevie-J-Cole

    Whiskey Lullaby by Stevie J. Cole

  • Rock-Hard-International-Billionaire-by-Paris-Rose

    Rock Hard International Billionaire (Rockstar Billionaires Book 3) by Paris Rose

  • Lost-Filthy-Night-by-Vivian-Lux

    Lost Filthy Night (Kings of Crown Creek Book 2) by Vivian Lux

  • Heart-and-Soul-by-Sienna-Grant

    Heart & Soul by Sienna Grant



  • The-Trilogy-of-the-Bad-Beats-by-Agnes-Diaz

    The Trilogy of the Bad Beats : A Billionaire Romance by Agnes Diaz

  • Holding-On-To-Hope-by-Mystique-Roberts

    Holding On To Hope by Mystique Roberts

  • Wild-In-The-Windy-City-by-Chelsea-Camaron

    Wild In The Windy City: The Anthology VOLUME 2 by Chelsea Camaron

  • Playing-the-Pauses-by-Michelle-Hazen

    Playing the Pauses (Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll Book 2) by Michelle Hazen

  • Falling-Apart-by-Riley-Long

    Falling Apart by Riley Long

  • Rock-Stars-Heart-Kella-Campbell

    Rock Star's Heart by Kella Campbell

  • Treasure-Me-Trust-Me-Olivia-Cunning

    Treasure Me Trust Me by Olivia Cunning

  • Shameless-Dare-Michaelson

    Shameless by Dare Michaelson

  • Falling-For-Him-Michele-Hart

    Falling For Him: The Infamous Rock Star by Michele Hart

  • Cake-J-Bengtsson

    Cake: The Newlyweds by J. Bengtsson

  • Torment-C-M-Seabrook

    Torment (Savages and Saints Book 1) by C.M. Seabrook

  • Last-Craving-Kyla-Reed

    Last Craving by Kyla Reed

  • Star-Cruise-Veronica-Scott

    Star Cruise: Songbird: The Sectors SF Romance Series by Veronica Scott

  • Fated-Love-CL-Rowell

    Fated Love (Rock & Roll Girls trilogy Book 2) by CL Rowell

  • Heart-of-Knox-Porscha-Edington

    Heart of Knox (Knox Series Book 3) by Porscha Edington

  • Love-Sparkles-in-Fortunes-Bay-Julie-Archer

    Love Sparkles in Fortune's Bay by Julie Archer

  • Drawn-To-Dark-Emma-Tharp

    Drawn To Dark by Emma Tharp

  • Rockstar-Secrets-JaNese-Dixon

    Rockstar Secrets (Forbidden Chords Book 1) by Ja'Nese Dixon

  • Ryder-Steel-Thia-Finn

    Ryder Steel: Rockstar Romance by Thia Finn

  • Invisible-Love-Letter-Callie-Anderson

    Invisible Love Letter (Fatal Series Book 1) by Callie Anderson

  • Famous-JJ+Smoke

    Famous: The Rockstar Series (Book One) by J.J. Smoke

  • Resisting-the-Fae-Gillian-Rose

    Resisting the Fae: Part One (American Rockstar Book 1) by Gillian Rose

  • The-Praetorian-Dawn+L+Chiletz

    The Praetorian by Dawn L. Chiletz

  • Playing-With-Fire-by-Mary-Hughes

    Playing With Fire by Mary Hughes

  • Breathe-by-K-E-Osborn

    Breathe by K E Osborn

  • Accepted-by-Athena-Wright

    Accepted by Athena Wright

  • Sex-God-by-Katie-McCoy

    Sex God by Katie McCoy

  • Royal-Disaster-by-Renna-Peak

    Royal Disaster by Renna Peak

  • Love-and-Pop-The-Remix-by-Jay-Quin

    Love and Pop The Remix by Jay Quin

  • Distortion-by-Kat-Tobin

    Distortion by Kat Tobin

  • Billionaires-in-Disguise-by-Blair-Babylon

    Billionaires in Disguise by Blair Babylon

  • Brothers-of-Rock-by-London-Casey

    Brothers of Rock by London Casey

  • The-Bimbo-Wand-by-Bo-Naidal

    The Bimbo Wand by Bo Naidal

  • Naughty-Rocked-by-Mia-Chase

    Naughty Rocked by Mia Chase

  • Forbidden-Lyrics-by-Jodie-Larson

    Forbidden Lyrics by Jodie Larson

  • Catching-London-by-MV-Ellis

    Catching London by MV Ellis

  • Full-On-Rogue-by-Lara-Ward-Cosio

    Full On Rogue by Lara Ward Cosio

  • Colliding-with-You-by-Kelli-McCracken

    Colliding with You by Kelli McCracken

  • BULLETPROOF-by-Jenna-Galicki

    BULLETPROOF by Jenna Galicki

  • Just-an-Illusion-D-Kelly

    Just an Illusion - Unplugged by D. Kelly

  • Prelude-to-a-Wicked-Wedding-Bella-Jeanisse

    Prelude to a Wicked Wedding by Bella Jeanisse

  • Stand-Up-And-Shout-Maria-Bernard

    Stand Up And Shout by Maria Bernard

  • Flix-Kacey-Hamford

    Flix: The Rocking Series Boxset by Kacey Hamford

  • Obsession-Eden-Bradley

    Obsession by Eden Bradley

  • Poison-in-Pumps-Karen-Anne

    Poison in Pumps by Karen Anne

  • Her-Big-Bodyguard-Heather-Shaftman

    Her Big Bodyguard… by Heather Shaftman

  • Her-Beating-Hart-JL-Ostle

    Her Beating Hart by J.L. Ostle

  • Omega's-Rockstar-Bella-Bennet

    Omega's Rockstar M/M Non-Shifter by Bella Bennet

  • With-Your-Rock-Out-Zach-Jenkins

    With Your Rock Out by Zach Jenkins

  • Rocked-Hard-VV-Hart

    Rocked Hard (A Bisexual Voyeur Adventure) by V.V. Hart

  • Bimbo-Star-Valentina-DiMarco

    Bimbo Star: From Rocker Chick to Hot Groupie by Valentina DiMarco

  • Little-Infinities-Kiska-Gray

    Little Infinities by Kiska Gray

  • Derailed-Kacey-Shea

    Derailed by Kacey Shea

  • Rock-and-Regrets-Cassandra-Lawson

    Rock & Regrets by Cassandra Lawson

  • Submitting-to-the-Rock-Star-Margaux-Delray

    Submitting to the Rock Star by Margaux Delray

  • Ryan-Julie-Spotted-Eagle-Horse-Martineau

    Ryan (Rock Stars Book 3) by Julie Spotted Eagle Horse Martineau

  • Solstice-Song-Colleen-Charles

    Solstice Song by Colleen Charles

  • 	Black-Owl-Tara-Vanflower

    Black Owl by Tara Vanflower

  • False-Start-Rebel-Farris

    False Start (Falling Small Duet Book 1) by Rebel Farris

  • Heart-Strings-K-R-Steam

    Heart Strings by K.R. Steam

  • A-Little-Immature-Ariel-Arnold

    A Little Immature by Ariel Arnold

  • It-Girl-Elle-Rush

    It Girl (Hollywood to Olympus Book 4) by Elle Rush

  • Shattered-Becky-Strahl

    Shattered by Becky Strahl

  • Tempting-Perfection-Kristin-Mayer

    Tempting Perfection (Timeless Love Novel) by Kristin Mayer

  • Fix-Me-TAT-Melanie-Walker

    Fix Me: TAT: A Rocker Romance by Melanie Walker

  • Guitar-God-Lindy-Hudis

    Guitar God: The Boys in the Band, Part 1 by Lindy Hudis

  • A-Moonlit-Serenade-Alexa-Padgett

    A Moonlit Serenade: A Bad Boy Rockstar Romance (The Seattle Sound Series Book 8)

  • The-Moments-We-Share-Barbara-C-Doyle

    The Moments We Share by Barbara C. Doyle

  • Second-Guessing-Gail-Ward-Olmsted

    Second Guessing by Gail Ward Olmsted

  • Holding-On-To-Us-AE-Neal

    Holding On To Us by A.E. Neal

  • Royal-Disaster-Ember-Casey

    Royal Disaster #4 by Ember Casey

  • Starting-Over-Judith-Hudson

    Starting Over (The Fortune Bay Series Book 4) by Judith Hudson

  • Stay-Emma-Nichols

    Stay by Emma Nichols

  • Want-Sugar-Deanna-Dane

    Want Sugar (Want Candy Book 2) by Deanna Dane

  • Interview-with-the-Rock-Star-Rylee-Swann

    Interview with the Rock Star (A Second Chance Rock Star Romance) by Rylee Swann

  • Dream-Guy-Jade-C-Jamison

    Dream Guy: a Create Your Own Romance novel by Jade C. Jamison

  • Burn-Me-Jess-Whitecroft

    Burn Me by Jess Whitecroft

  • Stranger-Things-Have-Happened-PinkishOwl-Inc

    Stranger Things Have Happened: A Romantic Comedy by PinkishOwl Inc

  • Guitar-Freak-Candy-J-Starr

    Guitar Freak (Rock Stars on Tour Book 1) by Candy J Starr

  • Modern-Alice-PinkishOwl-Inc

    Modern Alice : A Romantic Novel by PinkishOwl Inc

  • After-Care-LB-Dunbar

    After Care: a romance for the over 40 by L.B. Dunbar

  • Daddys-RockStar-Friends-Amanda-Horton

    Daddy's RockStar Friends : (A Reverse Harem Romance) by Amanda Horton

  • image

    The Pieces that Built Me by Amber Lacie

  • image

    Rented by Erin Trejo

  • image

    Superstar Soulmate by Maria Jackson

  • image

    Taming Irish: A Rock Star Romance (Wild Irish Book 3) by C.M. Seabrook

  • image

    Pop Secrets: An Erotic Novel by Jackie Notter

  • twelve-months-gadd

    Twelve months: Broken chord by R. Gadd

  • image

    Pulse (The Luminous Rock Series Book 1) by K E Osborn

  • image

    Recapitulation (Songs and Sonatas Book 3) by Jerica MacMillan

  • image

    Wycked Rumors (Wycked Obsession Book 2) by Wynne Roman

  • image

    Refrain (Stereo Hearts Book 3) by Trevion Burns

  • image

    Burn: A shifter and vampire rock star romance (Underground Encounters Book 4) by Lisa Carlisle

  • image

    Rockstars, Babies and Happily Ever Afters by Cari Quinn

  • image

    Lost For You: Rockstar Romance (Sixth Street Bands Book 4) by Jayne Frost

  • image

    Double Treble (A Twin Brothers MFM Rockstar Menage Romance) by Nikki Wild

  • image

    Burn (Homecoming Hearts Book 3) by HJ Welch

  • image

    Ever After (Dirtshine Book 3) by Roxie Noir

  • image

    STAR-STRUCK by Lee Mae

  • image

    Royal Disaster #3 by Renna Peak

  • image

    Capsicum Head by L.J. LaBarthe

  • image

    Strum Me: A Rockstar Romance (Rock Chamber Boys Book 2) by Daisy Allen

  • image

    Nikan Rebuilt (Preload Book 3) by Scarlett Cole

  • image

    Pieces of Me by Peyton Banks

  • image

    Loud Rowdy Hearts: A Kings of Crown Creek Prequel by Vivian Lux

  • image

    Still Rocking (Slava Pasha Book 5) by A. D. Herrick

  • image

    A Fiercer Heat (Assured Elites Book 1) by Parker Avrile

  • image

    Loving the Rock Star (An alpha male bad boy collection) by K.L. Middleton

  • image

    Autumn Nights (Four Seasons of Romance Book 2) by Elle Viviani

  • image

    A Very Rockstar Holiday Season by Anne Mercier

  • image

    Playing Me: A Rockstar Romance by Jenny Lynn

  • image

    Fill Me (Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll Book 0) by Michelle Hazen

  • image

    The Medics by Sharon Sena

  • image

    The Finding Nolan Series by K.S. Thomas

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